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May 16, 2008 08:23 AM

Seattle: BYOB or low corkage restaurants?

Looking for something with corkage of $15 or less per bottle. Preferably something that will go with reds as opposed to say Asian food, but if Asian is my only choice, so be it.

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  1. I'd say that that price would qualify you at nearly all places around the area unless they've got the bottle that you are bringing.

    1. NO corkage fee Sundays at The Iris Grill - - which also happens to be in my humble opinion one of the more under rated / overlooked restaurants in seattle / east side. It's in Issaquah in Gillman Village but its nice. Great outdoor patio too for this weather. There are some heavy hitters (major wines going down) on Sunday there too.

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        The Iris Grill looks interesting, but it may be too far east. I dunno.

      2. Restaurant Zoe also has free corkage on Sundays. The prices are higher but it's closer in. Anyone have much experience with it? I see some positive recommendations on Chowhound.

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          I really really like Zoe. The several times I've dined there, food and service both were outstanding. For our last visit, we brought our own bottle and since it was Sunday, there was no corkage fee. I do believe this is only true for wines not on their wine I would double check

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            I had a nice meal tonight at Restaurant Zoe. The appetizers, including something with risotto, were nice and the and short ribs that were part of the main course wre outstanding. Also the creme brulee dessert with berries was great.
            The only disappointment was the heirloom tomato salad. But this follows an outstanding heirloom tomato salad I had a few years ago at Boulevard in San Francisco that really set the bar high.

          2. The Purple was free corkage. You might give them a call to make sure that's still the case.

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              I dined at Purple (downtown) recently and I believe their policy is no corkage on the first bottle IF it is not already on their wine list. I think their wine list is quite extensive.