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May 16, 2008 08:22 AM

Latin American cocktail party

For memorial day weekend I am having a fiesta at my house - not just solely mexican food but a mix from different latin american countries. Drinks are sangia and margartias and I have a couple of food items down (play on pigs in a blanket with chorizo and puff pastry, homemade salsas etc) but need more ideas. Its a mid afternoon party so I want something that will be fairly filling. Any quesadilla ideas that can sit around? maybe a grilled shrimp something? i was even trying to come up with some twist on a crostini with maybe a black bean salsa. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Want to make the people stuck in the city for memorial day feel like it was worth staying in town! Thanks guys

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  1. Laylita's salchipapas in clear plastic cups would be perfect :)

    Ceviche and empanadas are other popular appetizers/snack foods from Latin America. Ceviche does not have to be seafood. Laylita has a mango version:

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      OMG! Thank you so much for this link. What a wonderful blog, with such beautiful photos! I can't wait to try some of her recipes.

    2. Pulled pernil on plantain masa rounds or yellow rice cakes
      Plantain chips with garlic dip
      Lettuce wraps with charred beef asado and chimichurri
      Croquetas con jamon y queso or just plain with a chipotle crema
      Garlic toast with a creamy black bean dip
      Grilled chicken lollipops with Peruvian seasonings
      Grilled elotes a la mercado
      Chorizos, morcillas, longanizas

      1. I just went to one of these parties! Let me tell you what the host served.
        Pisco sours
        Fried plantains with curry and sea salt (there was a sauce too)
        Flank steak strips with spicy guacamole, a bbq-like sauce, on bread
        Scallop ceviche with avacado
        Salad with jicama, orange slices, chive oil vinagrette
        Spicy grilled shrimp skewers, mango salsa, mashed white yams made with coconut milk, green beans with carmelized onions and bacon
        Key lime pie (my contribution--home made)

        1. these are all great - thank you so much! totally has my brain I just have to get cooking

          1. Salsa verde is great too. You can grill the tomatillos in keeping with an asado/bbq theme. I made asparagus enchiladas recently --- yum.