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May 16, 2008 08:07 AM

Mac & Cheese

Looking for great mac & cheese. Low-end or high-end, doesn't matter. I know the Belmont had a great mac & cheese dish, but other than that... I'm open to suggestions.


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  1. We like the M&C at Luna Park on La Brea just a bit north of Wilshire Blvd. on the east side of the street. There were some recent reports that the M&C at the Elf Cafe in Echo Park was outstanding, but I don't have first hand knowledge to share.


    Elf Cafe
    2135 W Sunset Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90026

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      Boy, just looked at the website! Is Luna park as amazing as the menu promises? What's the best there for brekkers lunch or dinner?

      1. re: Diana

        We have had brunch a few times and dinner a couple of times over the years and everything has been pretty darn good. I really don't recall any out and out misses. It's sort of high end comfort food. I do clearly recall a really good flat iron steak once that really hit the spot. It's pretty high energy most of the time (read "noisy") so be prepared.

        Add: I just refreshed my memory by looking at their menu and it was the Hanger steak with the salsa verde I was thinking of. Perfect medium rare and that addictive sauce and fine fries.

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          Fair warning that Luna Park seems to have slipped in the past couple of years. My last meal there in September was really disappointing and included easily the worst mussels dish I've ever had. Still good drinks, though!

    2. I really like the versions at Nook and Violet. On the lower end, I like the one at KooKooRoo.

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        Seconded Nook! Among the very best I've ever had.

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          I love Nook, and their mac'n'cheese plays a major part of that. It is on the simple side -- big elbow mac in a bechamel with cheddar cheese, with a panko top that crisps nicely. Not gussied up with proscuitto or truffles or other hoity-toity extraneous stuff. A nice side or starter to be shared at dinner, or combined with a ceasar salad at lunch. Was only about $6, could be slightly more by now.

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          i was gonna suggest on the low end koo koo roo! that's good there and their chocolate chip brownies.

          also low end, trader joe's is great for frozen; fresh is great at ralph's market (i know, but they get a nice brown crust on top!) and just below that gelson's.

          don't know if it's *higher end*, but certainly more expensive, Kate Mantilini.

          also try Mimosa, Lucky Devil's and 3rd Stop.

        3. Simon LA.

          Also, try searching previous posts; this has been discussed before...

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            1. I liked the mac & cheese at Goat on LaBrea.

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                i just had this last sunday(they now open for dinner on sundays). i dont usually like mac and cheese much but this goat cheese mac and cheese was really good.