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Sprinkles in Scottsdale?

Has anyone made it over to the new Sprinkles store in Scottsdale? I'm thinking about going over this weekend and was wondering what other Hounds thought so far.


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  1. I bought into the hype & went last weekend. I waited in line 20 minutes. We sampled three flavors and cinammon sugar was our favorite. They are definatley using fresh ingredients, you could taste it in the coconut & peanut butter. My girlfriends all thought they were worth the $3.25. My boyfriend (not a big sweets person) thought the vanilla icing had great flavor, but was still too sweet for him. He ended up eating the cake part only.
    I also bought a dog cupcake for each of our puppies. One dog loved it, the other dog wouldn't eat it. But then- one dog won't eat bacon if it's too done....

    1. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a place to open up in Scottsdale. Considering they pushed back the opening date about 7 times, I'm SO GLAD THEY'RE OPEN! I lived in LA last summer so I went to the Beverly Hills Sprinkles at least a few times a week (they've been open there for a while and the line is STILL over an hour long at peak times so going every day wasn't very feasible). I had the chance to see the inside of this location prior to opening but I have not personally set foot inside since the opening. I have had cupcakes from this location, however, and let me just say that they are every bit as fabulous as the LA and Newport locations. I heard they brought in people from the LA location to work in this one to train people like the bakers, so they're doing everything so that it remains the same.

      The flavors that I've tried from this specific location are the Red Velvet (easily one of my favorite treats in the world, and I went on a cupcake-tasting adventure all over los angeles this summer and still found sprinkles to be better than all other bakeries), which is moist and delicious and all-around the best cupcake I've had at Sprinkles in any location. I tried Carrot as well, also a great moist one, and Banana with vanilla frosting which tastes like the best banana bread you've ever had but with frosting. Other flavors that I haven't tried at this specific location but would HIGHLY recommend to others include the Pumpkin (I've sometimes thought that this one edged out the red velvet in terms of moistness and deliciousness, but it's only available on Wednesdays and Fridays, whereas Red Velvet is available every day), Vanilla, and Vanilla Milk Chocolate (with a cream cheesey-chocolatey frosting..mmmmm)! The only flavors I've tried that aren't AS good as some of the others are the ones with the chocolate cake, because they just aren't as moist for some reason. The one time I tried a cinnamon sugar I just couldn't finish it (and that says a lot) because it was so dry. I'm glad to hear that someone enjoyed that flavor at this location!

      While the price tag may seem high, what you're getting is more than just a homemade cupcake...you're getting a delicious experience! As an aside, I think Sprinkles are about 100000x better than Cupcakes in Hilton Village...but I have a feeling that place will remain in business for those who do not like to wait in line for cupcakes! If you want to avoid a line at Sprinkles, early morning is best and right before they close is the worst time. Enjoy!!

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        It's awesome went opening day. I had a red velvet, black and white and I think vanilla. Ate them in the parking lot. YUM. Definitely worth the 3.25.

      2. Hype? Yes... but... the Red Velvet (which I usually never touch, being a little scary to me) is really wonderful and yum...

        So go and try it. It's an experience

        1. I was curious to try it, as I've only had the Sprinkles make-it-yourself kit cupcakes (which are very good), so I stopped by last Saturday. I walked up to the store, saw that the little space was jam packed with bodies, and stood in the back of the line (which stretched along the sidewalk). After around five or six minutes without moving an inch, I realized the insanity and thought to myself "what the hell am I doing, it's a cupcake..." and left.

          I thought it could be anice place to drop it, quickly grab a couple of cupcakes, and leave, but someone in the line was saying that people were waiting a half hour or so just to get the chance. I'd like to try it, but will definitely have to wait until the craze dies down.

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            I wouldn't get your hopes of the line ever dying down. The location in Beverly Hills regularly has lines well over an hour long at most hours of the day, so I suggest if you want the cupcakes but don't want to deal with a wait, go first thing in the morning. The cupcakes are well worth the wait, though! Hope you get to try them soon :)

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              Bloody insane. Nobody makes better cupcakes than I do (at least for my own tastebuds). I'm not going anywhere but by own kitchen, where $3.50 will get me 24 delightful treats. Mine are way cuter, too. ;-)

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              You can place your order online and skip the line to pick them up.

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                Two caveats (one two-part caveat)...According to the fine print, the order must be placed at least one day before you intend to pick up the cupcakes, and the minimum advance order is 1 dozen cupcakes.


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                  I can't help but feel like walking in and shoving your way to the front of the line, pre-ordered or not, might very well cause a riot, or at lease a minor scene with some particularly pushy and entitled individual in the line (there's bound to be one at a minimum).

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                    I had a similar thought. Never having seen the place, I wondered how the whole "will call" thing would be handled, given the mob scene described in most of the reports I've read.

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                      Now, don't quote me on this...I read in the AZ Republic (?) about the order in advance thing and I kind of remember something about a pick up area. It's just a vague recollection...Let me see if I can find a link to the article...nope, I can't seem to located it. I remember it distinctly talking about advance ordering a dozen or more of them online and being able to bypass the main line.

                      I just checked out the website under FAQ therein lies the answer...

                      "If I order in advance, do I have to wait in line to pickup my cupcake order?"

                      "Skip right to the front of the line! Just give our counter staff your name and they will help you"

                      Okay...but don't mind that lady hitting you with your purse as you cut in front of her after she waited 20+ minutes! LOL

                      1. re: Lala0310

                        How it worked in the LA locations is they would have the pre-orders bagged and ready-to-go right behind the counter (for big occasions, like Easter or Mother's Day, they would have the entire place filled with bags, no room for people to eat at the counter because the space was occupied) with the name attached. Because there is someone always assigned to the register, it was pretty quick and easy. Obviously, people can think what they want about the people "cutting" them, but they get in and out of there pretty quickly. I suppose they could always just explain to every obnoxious glare that they have a pre-order and that's why they're skipping the line.

            3. Stop by in the middle of the day and you won't have a problem. I just got back - was there at 2 pm and there were only 2 people in front of me.

              1. One additional comment: We have a dozen at home and we just gave our two-year-old a red velvet cupcake. About 30 minutes later he walked over to me and I was sure that he had bitten his lip because there was blood everywhere.....only to be reminded by my wife that it was just liquefied red velvet batter. For this I paid $3.50.

                Ironically, I have yet to try one.

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                  just an interesting side note.......Ent Tonight reported that Loni Anderson had a cake made of Sprinkles cupcakes at her recent wedding :)

                2. Thanks for all the great responses. I've gotten a chance to try a few of their cupcakes. My surprise favorite was the Peanut Butter chip. I thought it would be way too sweet but the cake was moist and peanut butter flavor was full but not overwhelming. Enjoyed the Dark Chocolate and the Strawberry pretty equally but was unexpectedly disappointed in the Orange. That one had the best scent of them all but the cake way too dry and the icing had less flavor than aroma. I thought it would be a fun flavor but it came off a bit flat.

                  I’ve been looking forward to Sprinkles’ opening but by the time they finally got around to it, I was kind of cupcaked-out. I’m not a complete convert but I do look forward to more research! Up next has to be the Chai and the Pumpkin.

                  I completely agree with Jess321 about Cupcakes in Hilton Village. Really not good. It may be mean to point out, but their website is pretty bad. It basically explains that they love fashion but decided to open a cupcake store instead. It explains a lot.

                  1. Okay people, I finally got around to eating one of these. I am not a "sweets" kind of guy...I can generally do without dessert and a Blizzard from Dairy Queen usually makes me the happiest. I brought home a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes last week and never had the urge to try one. But my wife brought some home today and I tried the Cinnamon Sugar flavor (no frosting...just a perfect dusting of cinnamon and sugar) and it was the BEST FREAKIN' CUPCAKE EVER and worth every penny of the $3.25 or however much it was. Not overly sweet, cake that was almost "doughy" yet still fluffy. Short of a Krispy Kreme straight out of the fryer, this was a perfect treat.

                    I need a dozen of these, ASAP.

                    1. Tried their chocolate and red velvet cupcake over the weekend...

                      Very tasty! The cake was very light, lighter than I was expecting, which was a good thing, but it seemed the frosting:cake ratio was off for my tastes - too much frosting imo. However, that's not to say I wouldn't eat a few more and go back into a sugar coma! Can't speak on the line issue, as a friend delivered them. I would say the red velvet was the better of the two, and definitely surpassed the one they sell at Delux.

                      Loved the color coding and chart - very clever.

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                      1. re: azhotdish

                        As with most things hip and happening, the whole fancy cupcake phenomenon is something that I haven't really gotten up to speed on. But, from what I have seen, the huge glob of frosting seems to be the norm rather the exception.

                        I have a pretty serious sweet tooth, but even I have my limits. When the volume of the frosting approaches the volume of the underlying cake, I start to question the baker's judgment.

                        Is anyone out there making "gourmet" cupcakes that aren't so frosting-heavy?

                        1. re: hohokam

                          Good question - I'm late to the 'cupcake party' as well, so I have very limited experience with how others are making them.

                          1. re: hohokam

                            Sweet Thang at 5th Ave/Thomas has great cupcakes that aren't frosting-centric.

                            She makes great cakes too.

                            sweet thang
                            503 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013

                            1. re: mamamia

                              Beauty-full! They're very local to me. Thanks!

                              1. re: mamamia

                                thanks for the reminder!! i hadn't been back since the week of the zuppa's midnite move-out debacle.

                                did sweet thang expand their menu at all? do they have any non-sweet thangs on the menu yet??

                                1. re: winedubar

                                  Check out the website in the link. They serve breakfast and lunch now.

                                  It's an odd mix at that little strip center - most of the tennants are food related, with a lot of crossover in menu themes.

                                  Speaking of the Zuppa deal - did we ever find out if they are now the people behind Art of Soup?

                                  1. re: mamamia

                                    NOW that would be cheeky--take almost all of the equipment and then set up shop a few blocks away.

                                    If nobody here knows, perhaps I'll stop in next week and see what dirt I can get out of the Sweet Thang people. ;-)

                                    1. re: hohokam

                                      You have your mission - now go forth, and bring back the skinny.


                          2. I went today and it was very disappointing. My cupcake was very dry and not worth all the hype. (Maybe it was just an off day.) I'll stick with Tammie Coe from now on.

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                              I'm curious...what flavor did you have? I've always found the cupcakes with the chocolate base to be dry, as well as the cinnamon sugar, but the other ones have all been moist in my experience!

                              1. re: Jess321

                                I had the Black and White - choc cake with white frosting. They were limited on flavors when I was there. I really wanted to try the lemon or red velvet. Thanks for the tip about the choc, but if Sprinkles is the "best" then they should all be moist.

                              2. re: bizzlewillits

                                It *is* summer in Phoenix. If you don't get those cupcakes within five minutes of them getting out of the oven, they're going to be dry. I've had a few of them, and if you want ultra moist, get either the Red Velvet or one of the peanut butter ones.

                              3. One word...Awful. The staff are not friendly and the cupcakes are a joke. I bought a box for my husband for father's day. My 7yr old didn't even like the chocolate cupcake. And my husband asked if we could return them and get our money back. We actually didn't even finish the 1/2 dozen we purchased because they were so awful.
                                You can get better cupcakes at your local Safeway, but if you want good baked goods in Phoenix how about going to Karsh's or La Grande Orange or even your local AJs (not that their bakery is the best but it's better). Don't go to Sprinkles!! 3.00 a cupcake? Silly.