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May 16, 2008 07:42 AM

W Lakeshore dinner

My boyfriend and I are taking our first trip to Chicago. We're staying at W Lakeshore and would like some reccomendations for dinner. I wasn't sure which W (Lakeshore City Center) was a better location, so I picked Lakeshore for the view even though I don't know what kind of neighborhood it's in, is there anything worthy within walking distance? We're not looking for any super fancy 7 course tastings . . . we prefer places that are busy, hip, popular restaurant/lounges that's a guaranteed great meal and wine list. I'm thinking of Japonaise and Blackbird just from other postings I saw . . .
Oh also - any south american places with salsa nights?

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  1. There are many, many restaurants within walking distance of the W Lakeshore, although most are at least 4-5 blocks away or more.

    One place that is busy, hip, popular, etc, is right near the W, a block or two away. It's called DeLaCosta and specializes in Latin fusion cuisine.

    Japonais and Blackbird are both roughly a mile and a half from the W, so you'll probably want to grab a cab.

    If you're looking to grab a quick bite for breakfast or lunch, near the W is Fox and Obel, our upscale gourmet grocery store. They have a cafe in the rear where they serve a menu cooked to order, good food in a basic coffeehouse atmosphere. You can see their menu by clicking on the word CAFE on their website at

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      Thanks Nsxtasy. Do you know anything about Carinvale? We love latin food and this seemed like a fun place, but perhaps DeLaCosta is a better choice.

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        Carnivale is very good too (and so are Nacional 27 and Cuatro, also fun Latin fusion places). However, DeLaCosta is a block or two away from the W, whereas Carnivale is on the other side of the Loop, a little over a mile away. National 27 is only slightly closer, and Cuatro is about three miles south. They're all good; I suggested DeLaCosta due to its proximity to the W.

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          I agree with nsxtasy DeLaCosta is the best choice if you are going for closeness to the hotel, I would definitely recommend the food at Nacional 27 or Carnivale over DeLaCosta. I've found the food sub-par, though the atmosphere and drinks are always great.