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May 16, 2008 07:37 AM

Matsuhisa Malibu - what's NOT on the menu?

We are going to Matsuhisa in Malibu tonight - haven't been there in awhile. I know some of their best dishes are often not on the menu, so does any one have any suggestions for non-menu items? Also helpful - suggestions for things that are cooked - one of us is pregnant.


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  1. Nobu at Cross Creek in Malibu always has quite a few specials, including cooked dishes. They have some very good salads. My wife tried a salad with lobster and a citrus based dressing once that was outstanding (I got the teeny tinyest bite ever of that after begging for at least 5 minutes). They are especially good if you just throw yourself on the mercy and kindness of your server. Tell them what you are interested in generally and have them create a menu for you. If price is AT all an issue then please ask them how much things are that they are recommending to you. It is not an inexpensive place by anyone's imagination.