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May 16, 2008 07:24 AM

Sushi with Ambience for tongiht-Friday

Help...friends in from Pittsburg want Sushi. Don't really want to go to fav local Sushi place in stipe center. What is out there from Boyton south to Fort Lauderdale?

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  1. I really enjoyed Lemongrass in Delray right on Atlantic Ave. Fantastic sushi and Asian food and great prices on wine. Nice quiet ambiance and decor as well. There are also a few places on Las Olas, one that looks great, and another that Ive tried. Unfortunately, my brain is malfunctioning today and I cant remember the names of either of them, but I believe the one I havent tried was "Shogun" or something like that... That could be way off though.

    1. japango is a great choice for out of towners. on 411 north of hillsboro. need reservations.

      great sushi, hip. lounge next door and italian bar on other side.

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        I agree with japango for sushi. Been there twice and loved each time. However each time we did not have reservations- although we tend to be early eaters. Both times we arrived around 5:30 and both times were seated right away- 1st time in the main area and the 2nd time in the "lounge". Personally I liked the main area better only because the busboys were hanging out by our table- then a large party of guys (bachelor party?) were seated right behind us. Both times we had the Lobster bomb, myself the first time and my husband the second time. We also had the Crab Claw app. which I liked and my husband loved. Hmmm, now I think we'll head back tomorrow......

      2. For excellent quality sushi in an inviting area, try Daimatsu Sushi in the Royal Palm Plaza in Boca Raton. My wife and I have been going to Diamatsu since they opened and always enjoy the food. The fish is top quality and impeccably fresh. We normally order sushi, sashimi, and rolls but we've also tried some of their cooked entrees. We especially like the Unaju (barbecued fresh water eel.)

        Daimatsu Sushi
        271 Via Rosada, Boca Raton, FL 33432

        1. I would totally recommend SHIZEN in Fort Laudedale on Las Olas Blvd. The owners are awesome and they tweaked the place alot since a couple of years ago but how can you beat a location on Las Olas Blvd? They do have a second location on 17th Causeway called Tokyo Sushi but its more of a Family/Casual Restaurant.

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            Yes, SHIZEN is what I was thinking of when I wrote "Shogun"... :)

          2. Sushi Jo in Boynton Beach.
            640 E. Ocean Ave.
            Boynton Beach, FL 33435