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May 16, 2008 07:03 AM

UES Mayor coming for visit and need Recs for higher end places!!

Being the foodie I am, please give me your recs. Will be there for July 4th week/weekend and want fun and wow food. MUST have big wonderful bar for pre-dinner martinis and the food has got to be sublime. Money no object but want to be within walking distance of Copely (Westin) or at least short cab ride away since I want to walk after meal.Thanks Beantowners!!

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  1. Although you're located in a weirdly chow-deficient immediate neighborhood, you're within a short cab ride of nearly every high end restaurant in town.

    If your only criteria are a wonderful bar and sublime upscale food, a board search is probably going to be your best friend for well-tailored recs. You're in the Back Bay, so you might search for that, but also check out the abutting South End, where a lot of the higher end restaurants in town are.

    Quick picks in your immediate vicinity for upscale dining: L'Espalier, Clio, No 9 Park, Troquet, Sorellina.

    Quick picks for good cocktails: No 9 Park, Eastern Standard.


    1. Across the street from the hotel is Sorellina, which is definitely one of the best high-end places in town. Excellent, sometimes sublime Italian.

      1. I didn't see your screen name, and my first thought was, "What's UES? The upper east side has a mayor?"

        I'll second Eastern Standard for the bar - maybe better if the Sox are away (it's near Fenway).

        It's further (out by Chinatown, but not a long cab ride), but isn't O Ya the hot place for cost-no-object dining these days?

        1. Others have already mentioned some of my high-end favs. But considering you also want a big, wonderful bar, you might want to think about The Oak Room (especially if you like steak, but that's certainly not all they serve). It's quite close to you.

          Very formal setting, one of the great bars in Boston just outside the dining room, and excellent food (at least IMO). Probably not what I'd call "wow" food, in that it's not cutting-edge, but it is delicious.

          1. The UES Mayor is coming to visit me and I get to be taken out! I'm "dragging" him to No. 9 Park, Sorellina, Neptune (making him suffer without martinis + a cab ride) and O Ya if I like it this week. Can't wait for the visit!!

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              1. re: Bostonbob3

                upper east side? im still confused.
                no9park !

                1. re: kweesee

                  yes - you got it, upper east side. he walks up/down second ave. on the upper east side and knows everyone (and every restaurant) he passes - hence the nickname.

                  1. re: gramercyfoodie

                    Hah...well thanks for clearing that up, because with all the medical students and professionals in Boston, that could have stood for "Upper Esophageal Sphincter"~!

                    1. re: gramercyfoodie

                      thats hillarious. cool. both my sis have been living in UES for over 15 years so i go there often. :)