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May 16, 2008 06:57 AM

Breakfast: Houston&Bowery

I would appreciate suggestions for a good breakfast @ around 7:00 AM on a weekday morning in generally in the area of Bleecker to Houston (North-South) & Lafayette to Bowery (West-East). Can be formal or informal, just want good food....

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  1. Clinton Street Baking Co. Really good blueberry pancakes which they are famous for. However, for me the syrup is what really makes it. It tastes like butterscotch its amazing. The sugar cured bacon is great as well.

    I have heard great things about just about all of their food.

    1. I love the breakfast at Cafe Colonial on Houston and Elizabeth. Highly recommended.

      1. Not too many places open that early, but Balthazar starts at 7:30am, and breakfast there is generally a gracious experience, especially in the early week days. Toward the end of the week it gets more and more crowded, more power breakfasts and tourists. The food is good and surprising affordable. The granola and yogurt is the deal of the century, skip the pedestrian fruit though. Love their little, homemade doughnuts.
        Cafe Colonial and Clinton Street both open at 8am. I like Clinton St, but Cafe Colonial, while having a great vibe, never did it for me food-wise. 180macd, what do you recommend there?

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        1. re: Peter Cuce

          thanks Peter.You picked up on my timing problem. The prior suggestions of Clinton and Colonial are good if I was eating at 8 but I am eating at 7

          1. re: mlzeats

            I wouldn't expect the Clinton Street suggestion to work out too well, even at 8AM. The time that I strolled in one morning shortly after that, I was greeted by someone cleaning up. I was told that they wouldn't be serving hot food until 10AM. The Balthazar suggestion is closer, with them opening at 7:30AM.

        2. Open at 7 a.m. is Russ and Daughter's. If you don't mind picking up something to go, they have amazing bagels/cream cheese/variety of smoked salmons. Good selection of juices as well. Just no where to sit, except a couple of benches just outside. (Houston at Allen). Katz's is just down the street, as is the Sugar Cafe, both with great food, just don't know about opening times.

          I wouldn't be suprised if the Hotel on Rivington isn't open that early but don't know for sure. Their restaurant is amazing for dinners. Haven't had breakfast there.

          I love Clinton Street Baking Co. Pretty amazing muffins and pancakes. Too bad they aren't ready to go by the early hour of 7. JPB

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            russ and daughter's is a great suggestion. i love their cinnamon walnut cream cheese, and that on a bagel was a lovely breakfast following overnight shifts when i lived in the neighborhood. the one caveat is that the smoked fish smell permeates everything, which may not appeal when eating the sweet stuff.

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              Ate at Sugar Cafe this week and it is not very good. The baked goods in the case were stale and flavorless. They tasted like they had been baked a long time ago and were frozen and thawed, or simply baked a long time ago and left to sit.
              The worst thing about this place is that it is filthy. There was a coating of dust and grime on all the items on our table, including the ketchup bottle, which had obviously never been rinsed. The place was dirty and the service was bad, which made no sense because no one else was in there.

              1. re: MajorFoodie

                Yeah, I saw a recommendation for Sugar Cafe several months ago and had the same kind of experience as you. I got a cookie to go, and it was very stale, dry, and pretty flavorless, and just sucked. I don't understand why there are some people who like and recommend places that are so obviously bad, from my point of view.

            2. Look no further - Cafe Falai on Lafayette just below Prince. City search lists the hours starting at 7am. Seriously fantastic baked eggs, real good coffee and it's pretty place to boot. I've always wanted to try more dishes here as I've heard so many good things, but I can't stop ordering baked eggs with salmon.

              Ceci Cela on Spring tween lafayette and mulberry. My favorite croissants in the city. Not sure if they serve much more than pastries and coffee but they do have seating in the back.

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                Ceci Cela has a food menu, and some of it's good, although inconsistent. Service is usually poor, so if you're on a schedule, don't go.