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May 16, 2008 06:40 AM

Say Goodbye to Little Q Hotpot

For all of you Little Q fans out there, best to get over there for one last meal in the next few weeks. Mayor Koch of Quincy announced that he's not making any changes to the path of the "Concourse", and the Quincy Fair Mall building housing Little Q and Taste of Taiwan is going to be torn down.

The city has started the process to take possession of the building. I believe there's a city council meeting on the 19th, where it will be finalized.

Such a real shame. I wonder what the chances are that Little Q would re-open somewhere close by?

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  1. Capital would be the biggest question, since there was much fanfare about how much money they sunk into getting the place up and running in the first place. Based on their business, the demand is certainly there for this business to succeed. Space should be available in Quincy (I see a lot of tired, near shuttered storefronts), though it might not be at the same size and scale as the space they have now. I certainly hope they've done well enough to continue elsewhere. Since summer isn't everyone's favorite hotpot season, I really hope they take this time to move somewhere.

    On a slightly different note, there's a new Shabu restaurant on Hancock in N. Quincy (near Beni Cafe). Saw that it was open for business last weekend. I wonder if anyone has tried this place. Space is small though, and seems to be more in the vein of what Shabu Zen or Kaze tries to offer. Curious if anyone's tried it.

    1. So much for Hancock Street's "restaurant row," huh? That stinks. I wonder if Classic India had seen the writing on the wall way back when, closing down instead of having to deal with this now?

      1. That is terrible news. They are two of the most interesting new restaurants on the regional scene, let alone Quincy. It is a disgrace that the town put them through the arduous permitting process without informing them of the ridiculous plan for the building.

        Are the taxpayers of Quincy really going to see the value in disrupting downtown for who knows how long and paying for a road to allow office park commuters to get out of town more quickly? The cost of the demolition of the building alone, with all the environmental impacts, will haunt property owners for some time.

        They are both great chow spots, and I fervently hope they will relocate locally.

        1. MWK,
          Very upset about your post but appreciative that you have put the word out that we need to get our final Little Q meals. So much for a happy friday.

          1. anyone know if they'll be open memorial day?