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May 16, 2008 06:21 AM

Quiet BYOB near Bella Vista?

We will be taking my brother out for his 40th birthday next Saturday night. We're looking for a reasonably quiet BYOB within reasonable walking distance of his house (8th & Fitzwater.) Any suggestions? We're not looking for a "traditional" Italian meal in the Italian Market area but more along the lines of one of the husband/wife BYOBs that seem to be everywhere. The six of us are pretty adventurous eaters (one vegetarian.) Thanks!

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  1. I've heard good thing about Cochon ( and definitely been wanting to check it out. You are also pretty close to Sabrina's up on 10th and Christian area.

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      I'd recommend Cochon, it's fantastic, definitely the best BYO in that area. I'm not entirely sure what 'reasonably quiet' means, I'd consider it that but some people don't.

      The only problem may be that your vegetarian won't like it as much as everyone else. As the name implies, the menu is heavy on meat (pig in particular).

    2. James is not BYOB but qualifies on the adventurous eaters end. Also, Cucina Forte is BYOB and while Italian, not red gravy Italian. (Both 8th near Catherine) Cochon is also lovely

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