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May 16, 2008 06:08 AM

The Asian Foodcourt in Chinatown

does anyone remember this place?
it was on the corner of Harrison and Beach street it was right near the Grand Chau Chow on the second floor of this building. youd walk up a sketchy dark staircase and bam it was there a lil foodcourt with like 5-6 little spots inside and it was amazing. 2 years ago i think they closed cuz they were remodeling building .
Does anyone know if the restaurants are coming back when their done? One of the little spots inside had the best chicken chow foon , how I miss it the lady who worked in the spot i liked was awesome she knew my order whenever i walked in shed scream chicken chow foon and two coke!

anyone remember this place? or have any news?

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  1. Lots of threads about our loss, including: if you search the board.

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      oh thank you! sorry for cluttering the forum with this

      1. re: vegathechosen

        No worries - I don't think any of the vendors have plans to come back to that specific location, as it will be condos, or open up anywhere else, sadly. I miss the boboa lady.

        1. re: gini

          yea it will be missed :( condos.... yea we need more of those....

    2. I got to know a couple of the owners and would talk business with the woman who ran the Chinese place in the left rear corner. They paid monthly a gross rent, no common charges, just a cash payment. The rent wasn't that high but it worked out to a big number at $ / sf if figured on the kitchen space. What it made it worthwhile was the lack of a charge for the mess that was the dining area.

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        that place had the BEST dumplings, the older women would make them right there and the guys would cook them. oohh, the pain.

      2. I thought the name of the place was the Chinatown Eatery.

        1. Awww - I didn't know it closed - the last time I ate there was in August 2006....but I have very fond memories of going there with my roommates about 10 years ago.....

          1. I highly doubt it would come back. The new condo bldg looks so nice and upscale, it'll hard to imagine it'll allow a food court.

            What i really missed was the 2 tiny stalls on the street level. One sold the steamed rice roll (zhu cheung fun), the other sold the egg waffle thingy (gai dan tzai).

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            1. re: y2000k

              So upscale, yet the live poultry store remains right next door. =D

              I miss Swatow and the little eatery the owners of East Ocean City used to run upstairs (it was just easier to grab a lunch box there). The drink bar was also one of the early and better IMO renditions of pearl milk tea. The biggest loss though for me was the banh mi cart, who started the whole banh mi fad in Chinatown. Do we know if they ever relocated anywhere? They still had the best original flavored banh mi, of all the ones I've tried.

              1. re: kobuta

                The banh mi cart there was very good. There's new sandwich place, with a green sign, next to the cell phone shop across the street that's very popular now. I eat a couple of such sanhwiches from one of the many shops in Dorchester but that one in Chinatown is the currently the best in my opinion.