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May 16, 2008 05:47 AM

RIP margaritas to go

one of my favorite things to do with visitors is to take them to el sombrero, affectionately known as "the hat." there you could get frozen margaritas convenient doled out in to-go cups. on a balmy day, there is nothing more delightful than people watching from a stoop in the LES or taking a stroll through downtown while sucking on the sweet-tart slush of what were margaritas from the hat. i am not saying that they were the greatest margaritas in the world but there was something truly special about them beyond their portability. not to mention that they packed a mean buzz: 2 could get you drunk, 3 and you'd be on the floor, 4-- and it was questionable if you were coming back.
oh hat--i have had first dates with your margaritas and last dates with your margaritas.
you have seen me through good summers and bad.
you made the streets our own.
but now i will have to settle for your margaritas from the inside and watch the first breaths of summer from your windows.
oh hat. i will miss. we all will miss you.
Thanks for the memories hat.

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  1. That is terrible news.

    Well, it's official: the LES is so over.

    1. terrible indeed, since nobody is going to pay $8 to drink those slushy margs indoors. so you're saying that they just don't give them to you to go any more? maybe I should just sell styrofoam cups right outside for $2 each...

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      1. re: jakew8

        yea. i can barely recognize the les these days. the margs are still there but they "don't do to-go anymore." i know they stopped a while back because of a cop issue but i think they are gone for good this time.
        i settled for 3 dollar indian food on houston instead. but how long will that last?

      2. Fortunately, you can still get them to-go a block away at El Nuevo Amanecer on Stanton and Essex

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        1. re: davisready

          Sadly last tried I time to get a Margarita to go at el Nuevo Amanecer, they told me they no longer make them to go either. What happened? Did the cops go around busting the margarita to go places?

          1. re: meses

            i guess so. the same thing just happened to me at amanecer. must have been all those margarita-to-go related crimes ...

        2.! I have pleasant memories of sweaty hookups along the East River after grabbing "margaritas" from the Hat...