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May 16, 2008 04:25 AM

Philadelphia Italian Market Festival this Weekend

I'm sure everyone knows, but the festival is this weekend. Bring on the pigs! http://www.9thstreetitalianmarketfest...

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  1. I see on the website that tonight's pasta dinner has been rescheduled to a yet-to-be-determined date. Any idea if they reschedule the whole thing due to inclement weather? Thanks!

    1. Hey! How did I miss this? Thanks.

      1. Was at the Italian Market Festival yesterday, Sat. the 17th. For those who have never been there, get there asap! It's a blast. The only time I remember you can drink a beer or cup of wine walking down 9th Street. The smells of all the roasted foods is wonderful. I always get the Holy Trinity of sandwiches which is a George's Roast Pork with Broccoli Rabe and Provolone (this year Georges has it chunk style, not slices), it was beyond great, a steak from either Geno's or Pat's, ( this year went with Pat's) and a take home Hoagie from Sarcone's. Comment on Pat's: So many here think Pat's and Geno's are overrated. I myself have even commented on that fact.

        The lines for both Geno's and Pat's stretched for what seemed like a mile, Pat's moved quicker, so I tried my luck there. This year's exception was that I had my steak with American Cheese wit onions, not Whiz, like I typically do. Geno's does not have this option. Let me say, the steak was better than I had expected, so good, that I now rate their steak as one of the best in Philly. The cheese does make the difference. Now I can actually taste the meet without the goo.

        Sarcone's also did not disappoint. The rolls are to die for. I had the Old Fashioned Italian. The wait was well worth it.