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May 16, 2008 04:13 AM

Offbeat french sparkling : Bugey Cerdon

Got a glass of an offbeat french sparkling yesterday.

Bugey Cerdon : (7.5% alcohol) Quite pink in color, fresh fruity taste, a bit of raspberries (reminded me a little of the belgian raspberry beer)

A great summer quencher as an alternative to "flat" rosé.


unfortunatly, it's a private import and not available at our local monopoly !

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  1. Domaine Renardat-Fâche, along with the Vin du Bugey Cerdon from Patrick Bottex, are regular warm weather staples in our house . . .

    (The latter is imported by Kermit Lynch.)

    Others are also now being imported into the US.

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      That Bugey Cerdon from Patrick Bottex is really the best I've tried. Others I've tried have been ok at best. I had this at a restaurant in Oakland, Ca that paired it with a dessert that had celery sorbet. It was an inspired pairing.

    2. split a case of this with a friend for summertime quaffing; I think that we may have pruchased it out of the Henry's catalog.

      1. Grocery Outlet is selling it for $3.99 a bottle ... for anyone near one of those stores.

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            The one linked in the OP and this old NY Times article ... by Alain Renardat-Fache imported by Louis/Dressner

            Photo of the lovely color

        1. I was just at Marion st cheese market asking about this wine!
          They can order the domaine renardat fache (6 bottles min) .. if you guys know where to purchase without special ordering...

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            there must be quite a few wine shops in Chicago that carry Kermit Lynch wines and should be able to get you the Bottex