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May 16, 2008 04:07 AM

Le Creuset ridged griddle

I am not sure if we ever seasoned this when we got it!
Food sticks pretty badly now and it gets very smokey quickly.
I was wondering if seasoning it now would make any difference - or should I accept that it will always do it?If so, what would be the best way to season it?

Second question - I have a few LC enamelled items and they are quite badly marked by, I guess, grease (?) on the outside. I would like to clean them up: any idea on the best way to do this? I heard Barmans' Friend recommended somewhere but I am a little dubious.

Thanks in advance

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  1. All griddles are tough to clean, and the LC does not allegedly require seasoning. What you need to do is get a stiff brush, not rough wire but stiff bristled, and let the pan sit with some hot soapy water for a little while before working the gunk out of the grooves. You are never going to get it perfect, but it is fine if you oil it before use and avoid really sugary items.

    My LC enamel is 25 years old and the beige interior lining has darkened. The outside gets grease which can be removed with a little muscle and a green and yellow scrubbing sponge with soap. Barkeeper's friend is often used to remove grease from stainless steel, but I have never tried it on the LC. You might want to use it, which is a highly dissolving non-abrasive cleanser (think Comet without ruining the finish) and then give it a soapy wash.

    The trick is not to let it build up. If you are using them in a convection oven, you are doomed and must clean it regulary.

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      Thanks - I will try oiling it more before use. I tend to only cook steaks, etc on it.
      I don't have a convection oven which is good. I am still nervous about Barkeeper's Friend, so will try a little old fashioned elbow grease! I tend to give up a little easily on projects like this but I love my LC ware so its worth it. I love how the interior has darkened with use in my dutch oven.
      Thanks again

      1. re: RGC1982

        I had a 35 year-old LC French oven and the inside had darkened considerably. This in no way affected the performance of the piece, but I recently took a photo and emailed it to LC, asking if there was something I could use to clean it. I was surprised when they wrote back to me saying that if I sent them the old French oven, they'd replace it with a brand new one at no cost to me (except for the cost of shipping them the old one). They really DO stand behind their lifetime guarantee!

      2. I use Bon Ami - only need a little - works great!

        1. I've used BF on my LC for years with no problem. I can't imagine not having BF in the does so many things so well....