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May 16, 2008 01:49 AM

Pete's Apizza and Tarbouche

Pete's Apizza in Columbia Heights, DC and Tarbouche Mediterranean Grill on Lee Highway
in Arlington..anybody been and reviews?

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  1. Pete's Apizza was quite respectable. Pizza was crisp and tasty, salad with olive paste was fresh,.Great addition to the neighborhood. Caveat: Have only tried it once, just after it opened. It won't replace Red Rocks for a sit-down meal. Noise rating: VERY HIGH decibels. Sum: Great place to grab a hot slice, not for a relaxed sit-down chat & meal.

    1. Pete's looks kinda hit or miss, but they've just opened up, so they're probably still ironing out some service/food issues. But they do serve slices which the neighborhood desperately needs, so you can give them a try and not go broke.

      1. I really like Tarbouche, I haven't been since they added seating, but they have good gyros and hummus and etc. And they are one of the few places that when they deliver to my house it is still hot not just luke warm! It isn't as good as the Lebanese Butcher, but it is good, and great for delivery.

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          Just ate at Tarbouche a couple of nights ago. It's nice enough with outdoor and indoor seating. Lots of hookah indulging going on. I've had the gyro and an eggplant/pesto sandwich. Both are good and I will keep eating periodically, but then again it's just down the road from where I live so that's key.

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            Thanks for all responses so far everyone!

        2. i wasn't impressed with tarbouche. the gyro, imo, was skimpy and quite mediocre in flavor and texture. pita was actually cool mr. alka's lamb kabob was tough and not very flavorful. i guess it all seemed a little flat in flavors and succulence. maybe i'll give it another try, cause i so want to have a decent gyro near home! for kabobs nearby, i'll stick to ravi kabob. (what happened to the food factory folks?)

          rell, what is your review, if you've gone to tarbouche already?

          1. Does pizza at Pete' New Haven Pizza in Clarendon reheat well? Often have leftovers and want it to be good. Who knows?

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              They have directions somewhere or another that you never microwave it - put it in a skillet(!) on high heat and keep an eye on it for scorching. Never tried that myself.

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                Shallow skillet with a domed lid over low heat is the way to reheat pizza. Microwaves just soggify everything. The skillet crisps the crust nicely. Cast iron keeps the heat even and helps prevent scorching.


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                  And don't refrigerate it. if you need to keep it for more than 24 hours, vacuum seal and freeze it.