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May 15, 2008 09:46 PM

Recommendation near Cerritos PAC

Hey hounds. I'm going up to Cerritos tomorrow night to see a recital, and was hoping someone could recommend somewhere interesting (and good) to eat near the Cerritos Performing Arts Center. The more affordable (anywhere from cheap to moderate) and nearer to the Center the better, and would prefer some place that takes a credit card, although I might consider making an exception (and pay cash) if it's worth it.

Look forward to hearing your recommendations.

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  1. What do you feel like? Chinese, Indian, Chinese-Indian, Korean, there is quite a few choices that are not so far away.

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    1. re: justagthing

      I'm open to anything - also can you maybe recommend something where I can get in and out in an hour without feeling rushed? Wouldn't mind menu item recs, too, if there are can't miss items.

      Any of the categories you mentioned sounds good. I like Indian - especially South and Central Indian, and Chinese-Indian sounds intriguing, too. Don't know much about Korean, but would love to try, especially if you recommend a few things to try.

      1. re: georgempavlov

        A friend of mine catered a party from JJ Chinese Indian on South Street. I too had never had that combo before, but I really liked what she bought. She is Indian herself. Sorry, i don't know what the dishes were called except that they were the Indian dishes, none where really a Chinese dish.

        I also like Caanan on South St as well. They make an excellent XLB and do many other great items.

    2. Interestingly there's an Italian restaurant at Cerritos Towne Center that is to the Performing Art Center that is pretty good called Arte Cafe.

      In Artesia, which is close to PAC, I would suggest going to Four Seasons or Caanan on South Street if you are looking for affordable. Ten Ten Seafood is not bad at night and have a good pricing if you come after 9pm.

      I also would give Kim Tar (no credit card) a try on 183rd Street also. Cheap and good.

      Hope you have fun in Cerritos tomorrow night. For a recital to be held in Performing Art Center will be a treat. That place is spectacular.

      Arte Cafe
      12741 Towne Center Dr, B Cerritos, CA

      Canaan Restaurant
      11610 1/2 South St, Artesia, CA 90701

      Kim Tar Restaurant
      18309 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701