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May 15, 2008 09:24 PM

driving from Manhatton to Boston

I'm visiting from LA in June and will be driving from Manhattan to Boston. I would appreciate recommendation on where to stop for lunch, snack, coffee, bakery, ice cream, or just anything worth checking out along the way. Thanks.

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  1. If you go the I-95, 91, 84 and 90 route, stop at Rein's deli in Vernon, CT. It's the best in the state. Right off of Exit 65 just east of Hartford on I-84.

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    1. re: JackNH

      modern pizza in new haven is a good half way stop .

    2. Nothing against Reins, but I'm sure you can do better in Manhattan for deli.
      I second Modern Pizza in New Haven, People will tell you to go to Sallys or Pepes, but don't listen. Modern makes the best pizza.

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        I have to agree...Reins will do in a pinch, but I'm not all that fond of them. Certainly wouldn't be great for a NYC person! One landmark place is Shady Glen in Manchester. Famous cheeseburgers, due entirely to the unusual crispy/fried cheese they serve. Their ice cream is delicious too! About 5 minutes off Rt. 84 East in Manchester. Head up W. Middle Tpk to the Parkade Shopping Center on your right (~1.5 miles).

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          Never been to Shady Glen, but I've heard it is great.
          If you want burgers, you should try Louis's in New Haven (birthplace of the hamburger), or for something truly unique, Ted's Steamed Cheeseburgers in Meriden.

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          Sorry to disagree. I live in New Haven, and Modern might make a good apizza when tomatoes are in season., but it's not worth a stop even then. New Haven pizza in general is vastly overrated, and I speak as someone who worked at Sally's as a teenager.

          1. re: JackNH

            Jack: While you may have worked there, there sure is a huge following for the holy trinity of NH that think otherwise. You are like the lone voice crying out in the wildermess.

        3. Map of places on I-84 between Hartford and Boston:
          Here is my map of places to eat in and around New Haven, including places convenient to I-95 and I-91:

          1. I'd get lunch at either Carnagie or Katz deli in NY, skip Rein's in Vernon Ct, it's terrible, head to Boston and stop at Santarpio's, near the airport, for pizza or New Bridge, in Chelsea for steak tips. You may want to check out posts on Boston Board for more ideas.

            1. I do not mean to start a Modern VS Pepe's rant...but, Pepe's pizza in New Haven is the best pizza i have ever had, ever. You MUST try the Clam Pizza, it changed my life.


              Both Modern and Pepe's are just 1 block off of Rt 95 in New Haven.

              If you travel Rt 95 N You may want to stop in Providence RI in Federal Hill, their little italy section. There are many excellent restaurants here, including Cremaldi's Venda Ravioli (a combination italian Deli and luncheonette).


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                Sea change? Just kidding 'cause my PHD partner hates it when people say "sea change" and misuse the term.
                I have had epiphanic moments with food. Thanks for sharing!
                PS: It's not a rant unless it continues.... Yum; Clam apizza!