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May 15, 2008 08:41 PM

SEA: Bars with outdoor seating and water view?

A thread a few days ago discussed bars with outdoor seating in Seattle--to take it one step further, which have views of the water? I've heard the Pink Door downtown does, Agua Verde Paddle Club in U. district, Ray's in Ballard, but where else? Places in Belltown, Lake Union, Greenlake?

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  1. I went to happy hour at Ivar's salmon house this afternoon and sat right on the water and watched the boats go by. It was lovely. They also have umbrellas over all the tables, so you can enjoy the sun without getting burned. Good food and drink deals too.

    1. Many of those chainy places on South Lake Union have outdoor seating at/near the water.

      My old standby was the Yankee Diner in Ballard until it closed down. I sure wish that the Silver Cloud people would get moving on the hotel there. I'd assume that they wouldn't waste the potential great location for a restaurant/bar in the hotel.

      1. The Islander on 1st has a great patio with an amazing view of Elliott Bay. I highly recommend the Spicy Chili Squid. Get there early though, it fills up fast.

        1. I've been putting together a google map of restaurants in Seattle with outdoor dining. It's more of an exhaustive list (work in progress of course - I started yesterday), and doesn't correlate to places I necessarily like. If you want to use the map but notice I'm missing places, let me know and I'll add them. I've temporarily run out of resources to locate more restaurants with outdoor dining (I searched this board, the local papers, etc.)

          1. I had lunch on the balcony at Copacabana yesterday. I'd forgotten what a great view they have. And the food was much better than I remembered it.