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May 15, 2008 07:56 PM

Kansas City cut steaks

Hello all

I just came back from my first visit to Montreal ever, and had a great steak at a popular steakhouse down there named "La Queue de Cheval"

I went to order the striploin from their menu, as I always do as its usually my favorite, but the waiter insisted I get their specialty cut instead, because it has a little more flavor from the bone

It was a 20oz. Bone-in Kansas City striploin steak. It was dry aged, and pretty spectacular..

Has anybody heard of this cut before? It seems to be a NY Strip with a long narrow bone attatched, running the length of the steak

I am dying to find some of these locally here in the GTA, I don't mind the cost, I just am looking for a damn fine steak

I haven't been to Cumbrae's in some time, and have never been to Oliffe, has anybody seen these dry aged steaks before?

And, what do you think (rough estimate) an aged steak like that would cost? I'm looking at 16 to 20 oz :)

Thanks for reading

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  1. Cumbrae's if they are able to cut it for you, would charge around $25/lb. Best to call first.

    1. FWIW, here's a description from Wikipedia:

      "The strip steak (also known as striploin, shell steak, Delmonico, New York or Kansas City strip steak) is one of the highest quality beef steaks on the market. In British Commonwealth countries, this is called "porterhouse steak", which has a different meaning in American English. Cut from the strip loin, the strip steak consists of a muscle that does little work, and so it is particularly tender. Unlike the nearby filet mignon, the strip loin is a sizable muscle, allowing it to be cut into the larger portions favored by many steak eaters.

      When still attached to the bone, and with a piece of the beef tenderloin also included, the strip steak becomes a T-bone steak or a porterhouse."

      1. It is to die for isn't it? Marbled and flavourful... I had it in a dry aged 20oz form for the first time at David Burke Primehouse when I visited Chicago.

        The second time I've had it was actually at Harbour Sixty! Although it's not a cut on their regular menu. I was lucky enough to be dining at the restaurant when they had it on their feature menu. I went back few weeks ago and they didn't have it, so it's hard to say when it will come back...

        If not, if you ever make a trip to NYC, I'm sure Primehouse would have that cut...the dollar IS trading above par this morning ;).

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          I know it's not Harbour Sixty but the Porterhouse is a mainstay on The Tulip menu and like I said although it is not Hobour it is still a porterhouse and pretty darn good.

          That said any butcher should be able to serve it up for your home BBQ

        2. Cheese Boutique has been beautifully aging some meat lately. Still a small offering but I have seen KC CUT steaks. I think they are in the $30 a pound range. But for the extra age (minimum 35 days dry-aged) the meat is phenomenal. Usually the are 40-50 days aged. Call ahead because I don't always see them in the dusplay but I have on many occasions.

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            Interesting -- thank you for the information , I will be looking up their address :)

          2. Can anyone clarify what the Kansas City cut is? There are some references to Porterhouse, but if I understand the OP's description, the K.C. steak is half a T-bone, no filet attched. Is that right?

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              It would be similar ; it didnt have the horizontal part at the top of the T bone from what I remember, just the long narrow one on the side running vertical

              I guess it could be a t-bone with the filet removed.. Odd