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May 15, 2008 07:36 PM

Panera in Mississauga? Still happening?

Panera was advertised to be opening the first canadian store in the new development at Square One..I've been looking forward to a new lunch spot for (supposedly) great pastries/soup/sandwiches, but the opening soon sign is no longer there! Has there been a change in plans?

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  1. As I often travel to the States I have been to a number of Panera bakery/cafes. What I can say is that compared to standard food court fare, they are definitely better, but I wouldn't rave about them. Like most other chains, they are decent food that is a predictable solace for people who don't like adventure...

    It is nice to have fresh bread made on the spot...but I wouldn't go crazy. Also given the nature of their ordering system, give the place a few weeks before visiting as it can be chaotic at the best of times...I've rarely gotten an order at a Panera that was 100% right the first time.

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    1. re: Mike from Hamilton

      i wrote to "panera" on their website and received a reply that they will be opening in thornhil in early summer. I noticed a sign outside a now-vacated restaurant..saying that "parenera will be opening soon'...
      we have been to panera on several trips to the states....and looking forward to their opening here.

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        Have you tried Artisano (the one I know of is on Islington near Norseman)? I've been to Panera's many times in the States, and I have been assuming that Artisano was the Canadian version! It feels almost identitical to me--but maybe it isn't... But I do like it. :-)

        1. re: Karieann

          That place is very similar to Panera it seems. I want to go there now!!

      2. re: Mike from Hamilton

        I just moved to Toronto from the States and I'm pretty much in agreement. If one opens up near me, I'll go occasionally. The bread is decent, the sandwiches are usually good and the salads aren't bad. Not bad for a chain.

        At my job in the States, we had bagels from Panera every other Friday (alternating with donuts). Most of them were abominations (often crusted with sugar). The Everything bagel was decent (although I don't know what a New Yorker would say about it), and the Asiago Cheese bagel--although an abomination--was a tasty abomination.

      3. I'd love to see Panera here.

        I'm a huge sandwich lover and bread is my favourite food.


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        1. re: Davwud

          indeed I stumbled acrossed artisano not to long ago...and checked it out. (naturally..LOL). Its almost exactly like panera. Apparantely its privately owened and there are two locations. I still like Panera better.

        2. Yes! Panera is going to open at Square One but not inside the mall. It is going to be open right next to the Running Room and Boston Pizza complex which is located on the North East side of the mall. I saw the construction started recently. I am very much looking forward to the opening.

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          1. re: spicelicious

            I like eating at Panera when we're in the US because it seems like the cheaper and healthier alternative to other chain restaurants. And also if we're in an area where we don't know what's good to eat, then Panera is a safe choice.

            But closer to home, I feel like I have many more options for meals and it's not really necessary to eat at a place like Panera. I would choose to have pho or Thai, sushi, burritos, etc. I will probably still drop in and try their soup and sandwich combo.

          2. There has been a sign on the Kelseys that went out at Bathurst and Centre street that Panera was "coming soon" for over a year now. This morning driving past on the way to work was the first time I saw any hint of activity of work being done.

            1. Panera outside of Square One is open! Went today for lunch and it was pretty busy!
              We had the soup/sandwich combo..chipotle chicken sandwich with chicken tortilla soup, and tomato bisque with sierra turkey sandwich..
              not outstanding, but often what I'm looking for at lunch...
              also took home a cinnamon crunch bagel which I heard was good..
              Had it tonight toasted with one side cream cheese, one side butter. It's really a dessert and tastes like a cinnamon coffee cake...GOOD!
              We also had the caramel pecan brownie which was just ok..nothing I would order again..