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May 15, 2008 06:40 PM

DE MOLE: nowhere better for lunch

This place has added several excellent dishes:

eg., GRILLED TILAPIA FILLET WITH ACHIOTE [$8] -very delicious, lovely greens, avocado, cucumber salad] mint

then, there are the best quesadillas ever [$4.75 signif larger size $2 more]
-small size sufficient for most for lunch but suggest BIG TIP to deal with the embarrassment of the low price.

As well, there is a superior deep rich salsa and chips -FREE.

Also, there are specials every day - take the advice of the lady - you will not be disappointed.

This place is IMO top-notch mexican cuisine at bodega prices.

it's quite at lunch hour - so you feel the place is there for you exclusively; a bit like MINA'S for lunch [BTW, she's disappeared from CH radar; any recent info?

It's also BYOB of course.

Usually info on such treasures should be kept state secrets but such is the CH community we share news of these great places because of altruism (or maybe fear is the motivation, ie., these places will shut down if not more business!!).

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  1. the secret's been out quite awhile, do a search and you will see numerous posts by many including myself, who eat there regularly. Was just there last night for dinner, and it was very good, a good steak special, and excellent shrimp fajitas, guacomole, orange and coconut flans, and yes, the quesadilla's are very good. Ask for a shrimp quesadilla or shrimp tacos' not on the menu but they'll make them, very good. The only problem is the space, it's extemely cramped if you're not there on an off hour, and they should put the small tables across from the bar area and the bigger tables on the other side, it would help a bit. As for the prices, they raised them recently, and I think they are fair enough to sustain the regulars in the neighborhood. Leave a good tip if you feel guilty, that is a nicer thing to do, because the guy who runs the tables and the takeout is very patient and nice, and he deserves a great tip.

    1. Uh, would it be revealing too much to say whether De Mole is in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, or Staten Island?

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        Its in Sunnyside, Queens and also excellent for dinner.

        1. re: efdee

          DE MOLE 718 392 2161
          45-01 48 AVENUE
          From 46th Street/QUEENS BLVD 7 Trainstop it's about 3 blocks south

        2. I went recently and loved it. A bargain in New York exists! It came to about $20 per person, and we ordered appetizers, entrees, a couple of desserts, and lots of soft drinks.

          The only thing I didn't like was the salsa. The seasoning was just not to my taste.

          I do recommend going off-hours. Food service seemed a tad slow, then slower as the place filled. I wouldn't want to deal with a wait, the crowd, or getting that good food slowly.

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          1. re: Angela Roberta

            don't give up on the salsa. it's so different from any other that it took me a few times going to get used to it (it's a little tomato-y). years later, now i crave it.

            b/c it's fresh, the flavor does change with visits.

          2. De Mole is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Queens. I go there on a regular basis and order the Corn Mushroom taco, which is to die for, and some other dish. They also have the best hot chocolate I've ever known. I've never had to wait or experienced slow service, as someone mentioned below.

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            1. re: hee jong jong

              Someone just mentioned recently that they plan to expand and are taking the space next door. I plan to visit soon for lunch and will see if its true. I only do late lunch so I've never had a problem waiting for a table.