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May 15, 2008 06:14 PM

what are your favorite restaurants in ohio?

i travel around for work and have discovered some places i never would have found otherwise. what are your favorite ohio ch spots?

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  1. boca and the korea house. both in cincinnati.

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      I found the food at The Winds to be lacking in flavor and have not returned.

    2. G. Michael's and Kihachi in Columbus

      Parker's in Cleveland

      Wind's Cafe in Dayton (Yellow Springs to be precise)

      Never had an outstanding meal in Cincy--although I'm sure that some places must rise above.

      1. sadly Parkers in Cleveland closed when the owner retired. While I think we have a lot of great places in Cleveland, I think Anatolia Cafe (turkish) is really special. Everything is delicious. I have never met anyone who disagrees.

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          The restaurant that moved into Parkers' space, Light Bistro, is outstanding. In the same neighborhood, and even better, is the Flying Fig. Another block away is the amazing Phnom Penh (if you've never had Cambodian food, you must try it, but if you order it spicy, be prepared!). I agree with Lyn that Anatolia is wonderful. And of course Lola is our local super-star.

        2. The Bangkok, on Refugee Rd, southeast of downtown Columbus. The best Thai food I've found in Ohio, and it gets bonus points for being next door to a Thai grocery. The North Market in Columbus for lunch (the deli for corned beef, the soup at the fish place, Jenni's ice cream, etc.), the Pine Club on Brown St in Dayton for an old time steakhouse experience, the Winds in Yellow Springs for most anything; what ever Chris Cavender is cooking at Cuvee Wine Bar; desserts at Dorothy Lane Market grocery stores in the greater Dayton area. These are a few of my favorite things!

          1. Matzos has good Greek food, and South Market Street Bistro is very good in the Wooster area.

            Amish food varies widely, but I would recommend that you stay away from the Amish Door chain. I like Hopocan Gardens of all the Barberton chicken chains.

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              Man, I miss Matzsos from when I was up in Wooster for college. :D Spiro is awesome.

              I love the North Market and the Thurman Cafe. Northstar Cafe can be amazing.

              But I think if you put a gun to my head, I'd tell you that Starliner Diner is my absolute favorite Ohio place.