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May 15, 2008 05:06 PM

Lobster in Connecticut

My parents are visiting from Florida next week and they always want Lobster Rolls, w/o all the mayo. Being a vegetarian I haven't a clue where to go. In Hartford area but don't mind taking a ride. Would appreciate suggestion.. Some-one mentioned the Blue Lobster on the Berlin Turnpike.

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  1. Hi!

    Absolutely take your parents to Lenny and Joe's. It has THE best lobster roll in CT, and there are two locations, one in Madison and one in Clinton. If it is a nice sunny day, I would suggest going to the Clinton location, which is casual and fun, while the Madison location is more formal sit-down. Either way, it is a nice drive from Hartford, the lobster rolls are absolutely delicious (no mayo!) and are made with fresh picked lobster meat, large juicy pieces and lots of yummy butter on hot rolls. Try the zucchini sticks as well if you go to Madison (they do not offer them in Clinton), and be sure to pick up a $5 t-shirt before you leave (it's a tradition). Enjoy!


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    1. re: pecanandmatzoh

      Sorry to say, the post about Lenny and Joe's is mostly incorrect. They do make a credible lobster roll but they are not the best by any means. That distinction belongs to Captain Scott's in New London...half again the size of L&J. Also, the two Lenny & Joes are located in Madison (casual, order at the counter and seat yourselves inside or outside) or Westbrook which is a casual sit down restaurant with full liquor license.

      The tee shirts are $6 and have been for years. Good quality and a good deal.

      If you are looking in the Hartford area, the best seafood is at the Chowder Pot IV located at the Brainerd Rd exit off I-91. Anything they do with lobster is excellent..whether baked stuffed, boiled, lobster pot pie or lobster rolls. It's a sit down restaurant though still very informal. Definitely your best bet.

      1. re: cheshirecat

        Westbrook, Clinton, whatever :)

        I buy a kids size t-shirt, which is $5. Your ettiquete is fairly harsh, Chesirecat. But since we are correcting each other, apparently...

        Please do not go to the Chowder Pot. The seafood never tastes fresh and is blandly seasoned, often soaked in butter, extremely overpriced, I always get dirty utensils, there is always a ridiculous wait, the service is unfriendly and slow and they do not take reservations for small parties. Also, they do not offer a lobster roll (which I think was, in fact, the point).

      2. re: pecanandmatzoh

        L&J locations are Madison & westbrook (westbrook has the fried zucchini) I like madison a touch better because it is BYO.

        IMHO the best I've had around Madison/Clinton/Branford is Lobster landing on the dock in clinton. Nothing but al fresco plastic tables lobster rolls & hotdogs, bags of chips and soda but delish. I don't know if they are open yet but here's their info:
        152 Commerce St
        Clinton, CT 06413

        We brought my transplanted from CT to AZ inlaws last year and they wanted to go back 2x in one week.
        (860) 669-2005

        1. re: debvil

          Good news! Lobster Landing is open. Their rolls are of the hot variety, with toasted rolls and melted butter. It's right smack on the street, a little seating area with white plastic chairs and Clinton Harbor just beyond the lobster shack. Clinton beach is a five minute drive and a beautiful place for a picnic. Then you can go on to Bill's Seafood for great ice cream. It's just down Rie. 1, a mile or so to the East. Have fun!

      3. If you want to drive a bit west on 84 I would suggest Denmo's in Southbury. It is a seafood shack with great food. Here is a review from last year

          1. re: askeenan

            Oops I am sorry I forgot to mention that they have great lobster but no lobster rolls. The clams are amazing

          2. if you want to get your parents an authentic CT style (butter no mayo) lobster roll it is hard to beat Abbotts.
            it is right next to mystic etc, so there could be fun sight seeing opportunitys before/after as well.

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              1. re: EastRocker

                Ditto on Abbotts
                Its a really nice ride to the shoreline ....
                the lobster as well as the lobster roll is the best and absolute freshest.
                BYOB and SWEATERS if it is lookin chilly !
                right on the marina
                all seating is outside so if it is raining - won't be a good location
                they opened Costello's down the road - have nto been there - but I think they might have inside seating

                I do like Lenny and Joe's lobster and lobster rolls as well - - start with the steamers!

                1. re: few

                  Just replied to add, Costello's does not have outside seating.

                  1. re: Vizla

                    sorry meant to say does NOT have INSIDE eating, well as of last summer anyway.

              2. If your folks are coming all the way from Florida, taking them to a place with a good New England atmosphere should be in order. I'd go to Abbott's. Chowder Pot is waaaaay too much like a Florida tourist trap and sits uninvitingly in an industrial area adjacent to a highway. I wouldn't bring an out-of-towner there in a million years. Go for authentic New England and sit outside at Abbott's and gaze out at the sailboats and islands. (Contrary to the post above, there is most definitely inside seating. So if it is cold and/or rainy, it is still an option.)

                Lenny and Joe's is too crowded and loud for my liking. And I have never found the food to be worth either the wait or the headache.

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                1. re: FoodieJim

                  so Foodie says there is inside seating and I am thinking
                  well maybe I missed something the last dozen times I went there
                  I order an dhead straight outside because that is where the action is....
                  so I go tot eh website and this reviewer says:

                  Abbott’s is one of the prettiest places in Connecticut to dine al fresco. Seating is at bare wooden tables, either in the open or under tents. Some civilized sorts actually bring their own tablecloths as well as their own wine. The air is filled with the salty smack of shore breezes, and background music is provided by gulls screeching in the sky (but kept away from the tables by invisible netting).

                  so call me crazy - but they dont refer to inside seating and I dont remeber ever seeing it

                  1. re: few

                    There is definitely indoor seating but unless it is pouring rain, you'd be sorry to miss the views from the picnic tables outside. Few - if you think about the counter where you pick up your order, you might remember that it is within a small dining room with various sizes of tables and folding chairs. Certainly nothing fancy but a good option if the weather isn't cooperating.

                    1. re: few

                      Abbott's offers both indoor and outdoor dining. Great location on the water but their lobster roll is nowhere near as tasty as L&J in my opinion. I also agree with an earlier poster that Capt Scott's in New London has a very good lobster roll as well. We were there last week and the lobster roll was packed full of big chunks of tail meat. They offer both a cold and a hot version. It's all subjective, of course, but my all time favorite lobster roll in CT is at the Cove Clam Shack and Cafe in Mystic.

                      1. re: few

                        Next time you go and pick up your order at the counter, spin around and you will see seating for about 40 or so. Can't believe you have missed it. On opening day this year the weather was miserable, and those of us who braved the cold rain on that day all sat inside. First time I sat indoors in 15 years, but we refused to miss opening day.