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May 15, 2008 05:02 PM

Looking for south end lunch spots

I'm new to posting- just interested in tips for spots in the south end for lunch ( I work on washington st)- I've fallen in love with the Tigers Tears at Myers & Chang, but probably shouldn't eat thai bird chilis that many times a week. I heard Toro opened for lunch recently-has any one been in?

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  1. Toro is excellent for lunch. Additional recommendations;

    - Oishi (upscale sushi)
    - Morse Seafood (counter service seafood/fish and chips)
    - Harry O's (Pizza/subs)
    - B&G oyster (mid-range seafood)
    - Butcher Shop (mid-range american/bistro)
    - Bostonia Market ( deli sandwiches to go)
    - Aquitane (French Bistro, nice client lunch place)
    - Pops (mid-range bistro)

    Time for bed. Someone else pick up where I left off please.

    1. Orinoco? The small restaurant size I find more suitable for lunch than dinner. Delicious arepas and other Latin foods. I believe it's technically Venezuelan.

      1. You have gotten some good recomendations so far. I didn't know that Toro was now serving lunch. I like Pop's a lot and Picco across the street is very good, but to be honest, I've only eaten there at night, but I think they are open for lunch. Petit Robert Bistro is a very good lunch place if you can make it to Columbus Ave. I know there are some chows who might disagree, but I usually enjoy the place, except for one time last fall when the patio heaters were on and I ordered lunch on the patio and only got a glass of wine and some bread. I was totally forgotten, but I'm sure that was a rare occurance What really annoyed me was that they didn't think this was an unusual occurance. I still think the food is above average. There is also Mela, an Indian place that I was going to try but got there too late for lunch. The So.End has some great restaurants it's a shame more of them don't open for lunch. Enjoy your explorations.

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          I second Aquitaine..fabulous...