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May 15, 2008 05:00 PM

What happened to...

the monthly chowhoung lunch/dinner that Phedre posted back in February? Did it ever get off the ground? I am presuming not since I haven't read any reports. Are there other venues where the regulars on this board are getting together?

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  1. The first one at Au Cinquieme Peche was held, but not sure if the second planned one at another eating establishment was ever held.

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      Several brunches have since been held, that I know of - one at Bouchonne, and another at Byblos.

    2. My DH and I attended a brunch at Byblos some weeks ago and were delighted by both food and company. I think Phedre had a great idea when she decided to put these meetings together--this way we can try new things and get to meet some of our fellow CHers.

      With regards to Byblos specifically, the brunch was delicious. We literally got to taste a bit of everything (for 11 dollars each, if memory serves). The highlight for me personally was the feta omelet which was creamy and rich and something I am not likely to forget.

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            Thank you as well. I think it is useful if someone posts the info monthly so that interested parties can attend.

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              Email at for more details.

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          I believe it was $13 per person for a family style brunch that included almost every category of food on the menu and an Iranian tea service! I was blown away by the reasonable price and the quality of the food. We gave the restaurant carte blanche to provide us with whatever they wanted. They served an appropriate amount of food and kept the costs down. I really like the blend of spices they use in their food as well.

          It was also great fun to meet other CHers and hang around! Many thanks to Phedre for initiating these events!

        2. I've been meaning to post about this. I've organized a few brunches/dinners since the post, but not as many as I'd like. Unfortunately my travel schedule has gone from reasonable to abso-freaking-lutely insane since the beginning of June and I've had next to no time to organize anything.

          I'm looking at setting something up for end of July/beginning of August. I'll be in Argentina, but I can make a reservation and set things up!

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