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May 15, 2008 04:49 PM

Looking for lunch with booze in Culver City

I'm picking up my boyfriend's aunt and uncle from LAX tomorrow and I have to drop them off in Culver City. I'm looking for a place to have lunch- not too expensive, not too cheap, and not too ethnic...But definitely a place where they serve alcohol...they like to drink! Again, it's for lunch, and I like healthy food, they'll probably like a burger or a sandwich, but we'll be hanging out there for awhile, so the place has got to serve booze. Anywhere from LAX to Culver City...

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  1. I'd recommend Ford's Filling Station. Should satisfy all your criteria.

    1. I'd pick Fraiche over Ford's Filling Station or Father's Office.

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        Okay...let me be more specific. They're from the midwest. They won't want to spend $15 on a burger. They'll want air conditioning (in this heat). They'll be happy if there's a drink on the menu called "Mexican Mojito." I'll be happy if it's not a T.G.I. Fridays.

        They don't like frou-frou. I don't like fried food. Is there a compromise? (With liquor!)

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          Grab a 6 pack and take them to In and Out at LAX.

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            Yes there's plenty of places. Tender Greens serves both wine and beer. Does that count? And you can get a great flatiron steak with mashed potatoes and salad for $10. The burger at Ford's is lousy anyway (the blue cheese eradicates every other flavor for hours). La Dijonaise in the Helms Bakery Building also serves wine and beer. So does Pacifico, the very mediocre Mexican fish place.

            Fraiche is really good but may be too rarefied for their taste. I think K-Zo has hard liquor as well as wine and beer and sake, but I'm not sure.

            What about Father's Office? Beer mostly, but very good.

            1. re: NAspy

              FO2 has bourbon,Cognac & Armagnac

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              How about $11? I had a great turkey burger w/ sweet potato fries at Akasha. They have a full bar. It might be a bit loud in there for them though.

          2. Hmmm....boozy non-ethnic lunch, maybe a bit loungey? Dear John's or George Petrelli's might be their speed.

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              not much chance of getting out of dear john's for less than $15 for food.

            2. Outlaw's in Playa Del Rey? Depends on your definition of "between LAX and Culver City", but it's right on Culver and is a straight shot to downtown Culver City in 10 minutes. I used to work in downtown CC and Outlaw's was our go-to hamburger/beer joint. Inexpensive, awesome burgers, definitely has beer and a bar. (Dunno about hard liquor.) I've seen Trey Parker and Matt Stone there a few times.

              Not 100% sure about air conditioning, but I've never been hot inside and have gone on hot summer days. They have a patio too. (And they have enough reasonably not-too-unhealthy things on the menu as well for yourself. It's a fairly large menu.)

              I'd say it's an excellent "ease in from the midwest" type joint. :)

              Outlaws Bar & Grill
              230 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

              1. i don't know of any place that would fit all your criteria.

                if the two most important criteria are: 1) booze and 2) something healthy for you to eat too

                i'd go to 26 beach restaurant on washington blvd.
                yes, the burgers will be over $10 but under $15 (including salad or fries), and it isn't in your preferred location, but:
                1) the food is very good
                2) the food is worth the money
                3) the restaurant is very pretty and comfortable
                4) the location is close
                5) they serve booze (i'm not positive that they serve hard liquor)
                4) you will find healthful food choices (they offer a wide selection of fabulous salads)
                5) the portion size should be adequate for mid-westerners

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                1. re: westsidegal

                  Definately George Petrelli's Steakhouse - burgers are $8.75 for lunch. Good booze, good food - only five minutes N. of LAX on Sepulveda at Jefferson. No contest.

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                    I am not sure that 26 Beach is air-conditioned. I remember rooms that are fairly open to the outside with ceiling fans, and funky seats with cushions and pillows.

                    Petrelli's is far from gourmet or a prime high-class steakhouse, but it has a lot of attributes for what you need: Location is perfect, off Sepulveda not too far north of LAX and on the southern edge of the Culver City area. Easy parking, air-conditioning, bartenders and servers who have been there forever and know their clientele. Their steaks are ok, the potatoes and vegies mass-produced, but their burger is perhaps the best item and the best value on their menu. They have rotating daily specials for lunch as well.

                    For margaritas, there are a couple of massive places right on the ring around the Marina in MDR (not Cafe del Rey or Jer-Ne -- those will be much too pricey).

                    When I'm anywhere near LAX or dropping people off, I try to time a stop at Porky's, on Manchester just east of La Brea and west of the Forum. Superlative pulled pork, excellent brisket, good spareribs, and even Golden Bird fried chicken. I know they serve at least a few kinds of beer, imported and domestic, but no hard alcohol. Ultra-friendly service, but the decor is a converted KFC or similar large fast-food outlet, so probably too casual for what you want.