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May 15, 2008 04:43 PM

Road Trip - Calgary To Kelowna

Hi Chowhounders,

Am driving to the Okanagan over the long weekend, and am NOT looking forward to being away from good food for the duration of the journey.

Any suggestions for tasty eats that can be found along the way? We are definitely going to be seeing dinnertime on the road.


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  1. This is a little out of your way, but definitely Home Restaurant in Salmon Arm -- fantastic diner-style food, and killer pies. For example, their turkey club has real roast turkey, not processed meat. Faves: Black Forest Pie, Turkey Club, Hot Turkey Sandwich. Skip the pasta, it tends to be a bit disappointing.

    It's on your right hand side on the Trans Canada, behind a McDonald's as you near the edge of Salmon Arm. If you pass a mall on your left, you've gone too far. If you ask, the locals can point it out to you.

    Was voted into the top 3 diners in BC a little while back. We actually get cravings for their food and have seriously contemplated driving out for a weekend just to eat there. What you could do is take the 97B heading from Sicamous and jog over a bit, then back down to Kelowna.

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      I hope it isn't too late but I would definitely stop at the Truffle Pig in Field, BC. It is just off the highway and an amazing gourmet delight for a meal or just to pick up some in car snacks.
      or not!
      I just checked the web site and it says that they are moving in March and will be opening in the Kicking Horse Lodge. I would call 1st.