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May 15, 2008 04:15 PM

Sushi lunch in BOCOCA

I've enjoyed Ki and Hibiro and have heard good things about the new place on Henry called Koto Steak and Sushi. What do people think of this place compared to the others?

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  1. Haven't been to Koto, but for sushi in the BOCOCA general area I think Taro is hands down the best. I've never been for a weekday lunch but IIRC they have some good lunch specials.

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      Taro is in Park Slope, may be out of range depending on time constraings. There's other places worth trying to mix it up a bit...Kyoto, Cube 63, Osaka, and Shinjuku. I haven't tried Koto before. Shinjuku has a really good lunch deal, I believe it's 3 rolls plus soup and salad for $10.

    2. I tried Koto for lunch today. The seaweed salad was very good. My friend had the sushi lunch special and asked for a tuna roll to be substituted for the california roll which they did with no problem. I had the maki combo which was very tasty. The service was very good with lots of tea refills. The only negative was the bad radio station they were playing. I will definitely return. By the way, it's BYOB.

      1. osaka on court hands down. the quality of the fish is amazing, and i have had a great seaweed salad there as well. but mm the fish!

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          1. Amazing fish. Stick with the specials and what the chef is recommending, and you'll be very happy here. It's easily the best in the neighborhood, and is as good or better than the best I've had in Manhattan.