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May 15, 2008 03:48 PM

Ideas to give a non-cooking person: Help!

I have a 3-4 hour window to teach a non-cooking person some basic meals. Anyone got any suggestions to what I should include?

Initial thoughts are soup, basic salad dressing, how to roast meat, vegetables....

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  1. Here's a post regarding a similar scenario that might help get you started.


    1. teach techniques over recipes.....

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      1. re: thew

        I second the motion. Once techniques are learned, cooking is less daunting. Also suggest an easy cookbook like "How To Cook Without A Book" by Pam Anderson (not the one from BayWatch).

      2. Microwave basics: how to steam a veg, thaw frozen stuff, re-heat stuff
        Soup basics: boxed broth, veg, protein, noodles
        Eggs: scrambles/fritatas with veg and protein
        Oven: bake some chicken, broil meats- include glaze and marination info using for starters prepared stuff like salad dressings or actual glazes
        Salads: the bag, plus suggestions on what can be added (remarkable how some people are amazed at the possibilites)- nuts, chow mein noodles, croutons, veggies, raisins and cranberries, feta and other crumbly cheese.
        Good luck!

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        1. re: torty

          teach the importance of salt and pepper and too much spice is not better and the beauty of a baking bag. maybe crock pot cooking too.

        2. IMO, To throw a bunch of stuff at a person in 3 hours and expect them to actually remember the details not going to work. You need stuff written down, as in a cookbook.

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            I tend to agree with mpalmer6c; maybe you could put together some simple recipes, written down, then "walk through them" with your student. Let him/her read and attempt, and be there to answer questions, clarify, show-- because the person is going to be on their own in the future-- help them not be afraid of a recipe

          2. Thank you to all for your suggestions, recommendations.