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Ideas to give a non-cooking person: Help!

I have a 3-4 hour window to teach a non-cooking person some basic meals. Anyone got any suggestions to what I should include?

Initial thoughts are soup, basic salad dressing, how to roast meat, vegetables....

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  1. Here's a post regarding a similar scenario that might help get you started. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/51361...


    1. teach techniques over recipes.....

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        I second the motion. Once techniques are learned, cooking is less daunting. Also suggest an easy cookbook like "How To Cook Without A Book" by Pam Anderson (not the one from BayWatch).

      2. Microwave basics: how to steam a veg, thaw frozen stuff, re-heat stuff
        Soup basics: boxed broth, veg, protein, noodles
        Eggs: scrambles/fritatas with veg and protein
        Oven: bake some chicken, broil meats- include glaze and marination info using for starters prepared stuff like salad dressings or actual glazes
        Salads: the bag, plus suggestions on what can be added (remarkable how some people are amazed at the possibilites)- nuts, chow mein noodles, croutons, veggies, raisins and cranberries, feta and other crumbly cheese.
        Good luck!

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          teach the importance of salt and pepper and too much spice is not better and the beauty of a baking bag. maybe crock pot cooking too.

        2. IMO, To throw a bunch of stuff at a person in 3 hours and expect them to actually remember the details not going to work. You need stuff written down, as in a cookbook.

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            I tend to agree with mpalmer6c; maybe you could put together some simple recipes, written down, then "walk through them" with your student. Let him/her read and attempt, and be there to answer questions, clarify, show-- because the person is going to be on their own in the future-- help them not be afraid of a recipe

          2. Thank you to all for your suggestions, recommendations.

            1. One of the first things mom taught us how to cook was a baked potato. Because it is really hard to ruin one, they can cook at almost any temp and it is very hard to burn it! You can use the oven to cook or bake other things while the potatoes cook slowly. And you can make a whole meal out of a baked potato if you add some protein, beans or tuna or lunch meat and some cheese and salsa. Leftover baked potatoes make great breakfast potatoes if you can show the non-cooker how to make eggs.
              Crockpot pot roast is another one I learned when I was about nine or ten. Add one pot roast, and one package of lipton soup mix. Add carrots and potatoes if you want a whole meal in there. Do not add water. Set on low for six hours and enjoy.

              1. Basic knife skills and safety!!!!