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May 15, 2008 03:38 PM

restaurant for a day time bachelorette party?

I want to throw a bachlorette party for the bride to be during the afternoon somewhere not to far from or in downtown.
nothing too expensive... and even some kosher suggestions would be awesome!


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  1. Hey Monica!

    Would you be able to narrow the search a bit? What size is the party? What kinds of tastes are represented? Are there any cuisines to be stricken off the list? Are there any restaurants that you've been to that you don't see as appropriate? What time of year is it? How expensive is "nothing too expensive" in terms of $/per person before tax and tip.

    Being more specific will definitely get more people in here to answer you.

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    1. re: killedwithkarate

      well, it looks like it might be a group of around 10-15 max. It would be during the day time and it will be in june. I would say 20$ a person would be reasonable.
      One girl is kosher.. so if there are kosher places, thats awesome, but if you have some great non-kosher suggestions, do tell! We dont care for it being fancy, just somewhere comfortable for a bunch of girls to be girly.