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May 15, 2008 03:29 PM

Chinese Caterer/Catering in San Francisco Bay Area?

Hello fellow Chowhounds! We need help! My fiance and I are in need of a Chinese caterer for a wedding reception in Walnut Creek. Going to a Chinese restaurant for the reception wasn't an option for us, but we (well, mostly myself, since I'm Chinese) want a banquet-style dinner for 150 people. I've gone through a number of Google searches, made a hundred phone calls to restaurants, checked previous posts (only saw posts for the LA area) and are having trouble finding a caterer for our Chinese banquet. Does anyone have any experience or know of a Chinese caterer that could service Walnut Creek, CA? Thanks!!! Steven.

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  1. Have you checked the Chinese yellow pages? Several Chinese caterers advertise in the restaurant section of the Los Angeles Chinese pages.

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      I will be attending a wedding banquet in August that is catered by Zen Peninsula at Fort Mason. I was assure that I will have a 10 course Chinese banuqet with shark's fin, abalone, suckling pig and steam fish the whole 9 yards just as eating in. I will share my experience afterwards!

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        That would be appreciated, Mrs Lin! Thanks!

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            Hi Mrs Lin,
            I wasn't able to find your comments on the Zen catering. My brother is currently looking for a Chinese caterer for his wedding and is considering Zen since they have a mobile kitchen. Was the food as good as it is when prepared at their restaurant?

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            Ah, I didn't think of that! I'll do that asap. Thanks!

          3. Legendary Palace in Oakland Chinatown caters and they do a big on-site banquet business. They have a good rep for banquet standards. Of course you can go to the restaurant and check out the menu.

            Side note: they're contracted to provide the Asian meal option for Meals on Wheels in Oakland so they have experience providing off-site meals, so in theory the delivery shouldn't be a mystery/one-time deal.

            Legendary Palace
            708 Franklin St, Oakland, CA 94607

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              Awesome. I'll call Legendary Palace today!

            2. Oriental Cuisine Express in Milpitas does great catering. 408-263-8887

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                Thanks for the suggestion. I'll call Oriental Cuisine Express today as well. I'll post my experiences and what I find out to this board.

              2. I am in the same boat. I am looking for a caterer that will travel to Marin County and cater the traditional Chinese dinner for about 200 people. If anyone knows of a caterer who can do so, please let me know. Steven, I will keep an eye out and write you if I come across anything.

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                  My cousin told me it is very expensive for the 10 course dinner catering but still she thinks its much better than the 3 course american meal. My daughter wants to explore that option too...