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Mongolian/ Korean BBQ/ Self-cook Places?

A friend's children, who are in DC, are requesting this, having visited a Mongolian BBQ place elsewhere.

Searched around the site and elsewhere, and found one with so-so reviews in Bethesda, and one with great reviews in Williamsburg: Peking Mongolian. Will save this for if/ when they go to Wmsburg.

Anything else closer to DC with a buffet and/or self-cook, appealing to kids?

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  1. The only place I am aware of that serves Mongolian BBQ is Tony Cheng's in China Town near the Verizon Center. It is not terrific but certainly tasty enough and the children would probably like it. It is at 619 H St NW, Washington, DC - (202) 842-8669. (There is a BD'S Mongolian Barbeque - www.gomongo.com, 7201 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD - (301) 657-1080 but I know nothing about it.)

    1. Il Mee or Hee Been for buffet and self-cook Korean BBQ in Annandale.
      PF Chang? for Mongolian in Crystal City

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        Charlie Chiang's not PF Chang. I'm not recommending CC -- just pointing it out as one of the few Mongolian options metro-accessible not too far from DC center.

      2. BD's Mongolian in Bethesda will suit your needs.

        1. Woo Mi, a Korean place in Wheaton, has the special tables with grill and several grilling options available. The interior is nicely decorated and the service is good. If you like seafood get the pancake to split as an appetizer. You can usually get a table pretty easily. Sushi is also available.

          1. I don't live in the DC area, so I can't suggest a specific place. But, another option that might be appealing to kids is a Japanese steakhouse, where the chef cooks right at your table. I remember being really into that when I was little.

            1. My 8 year-old chowpup's favorite Korean BBQ is by far Hee Been in Annandale. The selection is huge, and includes some non-Korean cooked dishes like teriyaki. My chowpup usually makes a beeline for the fresh fruits and vegetables first, then samples what we're cooking on the grilled table.

              Bob's Shabu Shabu in Rockville may also be a winner with the kids--that is a cook at your table soup. The shabu-shabu is big enough to feed 2 kids unless they're teen-aged boys. They have a very good non-shabu menu as well; people rave about the lion's head (it is a meatball dish, no actual lion) and we've found all the dumplings and the pan-fried small fish to be excellent.

              That, and you can get a shaved ice dessert there to set the kids' hearts a-flutter. The regular size is enough for 4 adults and a kid, and you will have your choice of several different toppings.

              1. For Korean BBQ there's no doubt that Hee Been Restaurant is the place to visit.
                If you come here you have a choice of either ordering from the menu or having the


                The address and info is located on the site

                1. For Korean BBQ I love Yechon. For a bargain, Il Mee is good, AYCE and good but not great sushi. The cooked foods are not so good. If you have teens or those with endless appetites for meat, Oejagib (or some such impossible spelling) behind the Carwash on Little River Turnpike is superb and has all you can eat BBQ for $15.99 per person. They have Dong Dong Ju for the adults, it is a white, slightly thick relative of sake with a slightly sour taste that is really incredible. It might not be a good idea to finish off a pot by your self, but that is idle specualtion and not my personal experience from my last day off when it hypothetically might have taken a full day to recover! ;-)

                  Bobs is superb. Lion's Head, cuke salad, Mongolian Lamb hotpot are all good. I love the long pepper beef but it is a little spicy.

                  1. Wow -- thank you for so many great choices that fit the bill perfectly! Was fast, too -- love this site, and trust the recs, which have always been spot-on.