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I am FINALLY getting a grill -- Please share your favorite grilling recipes

After not having any place to put a grill for the past 4 years and being too poor to buy one before that, the husband and I have finally installed a patio and today ordered a grill (the Weber Genesis S-320). I am looking forward to a summer of al fresco dining AND cooking. But, having never owned a grill, I am starting from square one. Does anybody have any favorite grilling recipes or suggestions?

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  1. Grilled figs. Omg. They're orgasmically good!
    I don't do meats, so I can't help you in that dept., but we made grilled pizzas on my friend's grill, and that was novel and fun.

    1. Here's a recipe for swordfish from Tadich Grill in S.F. that's decidely different, also very tasty. You can use other fish, obviously:


      1. Great thread and helpful to me too as we also just bought our first grill (one of those Infra-Red ones that I have to learn to use).

        This is a fantastic burger, and I'm finally able to grill them in our own backyard instead of at other people's houses ; )

        Suzanne Goin's burgers with chorizo and bacon, with recipe and pics

        1. A new grill--what fun! Enjoy your grill. Here's a favorite recipe of mine. I grill it on a cheapie Aussie Walkabout grill (charcoal) over direct heat. The Genesis is gas, I think. Anyway, you'll be spared the "are the coals going or did they go out?" battle I occasionally wage with my chimney starter! Anyway, this is for a grilled pork tenderloin.


          2 pork tenderloins (about 2 to 2-1/2 lbs total), trimmed of silverskin

          Sauce ingredients
          ¼ - ½ cup soy sauce
          1 cup red wine
          2 tablespoons sesame oil (dark sesame oil, sold in small bottles)
          2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
          2 tablespoons ketchup
          1 cup chopped onion
          3 cloves chopped garlic
          1 tablespoon chopped fresh ginger
          1 teaspoon dried red pepper flakes (optional)
          1 teaspoon ground black pepper
          2 tablespoons honey

          Mix sauce ingredients together. Put tenderloins in large plastic bag. Pour sauce ingredients over tenderloins and seal bag. Place in refrigerator and let marinate for at least 8 hours. Turn several times over the course of the marination.

          Remove tenderloins from refrigerator and grill over medium-high heat, about 8-10 minutes per side (for all four sides). When internal temperature at thickest part of meat reaches about 145°, remove from heat and place on platter for about 5 minutes.

          While pork is grilling, pour excess sauce into saucepan and boil until reduced by half, about 10-12 minutes. Serve as a sauce with the meat.

          Serves 4-6

          1. Yes, enjoy your grill! I live in Florida and we grill once a week if not more...here's one of our favorite chicken recipes on the grill...I never use the cheese and you can easily make the ancho chili sauce using chipotles in adobo rather than the dried anchos:


            1. We really like this Martha Stewart Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Oregano...


              I make it with boneless chicken breasts and it comes out moist and flavorful every time.

              1. Mixed grilled veggies, done in a grill basket, are delicious, easy, and fast. For the two of us with a bit of leftovers, I usually do a pint of cherry tomatoes; 2 small zucchinis, quartered lengthwise then sliced; a medium red onion, coarsely chopped; a pint of crimini mushroom caps, rinsed and quartered; and 1 each red and green bell peppers coarsely chopped. You can also add eggplant, scallions, fennel, or whole garlic cloves. Toss it all together with a bit of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, oregano, s&p, then grill over medium heat for about 15 minutes. Makes a great fresh side dish without dirtying any pans, and anything left over reheats nicely, as well as being good tossed over lettuce for a hearty salad the next day. Congrats on your grill!

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                  I have to second and triple grilled veggies. We are omnivores and love burgers and steaks (and any meats) on the grill. But veggies never taste better than when cooked on an open flame. Olive oil, salt and pepper is all the seasoning that is necessary for a delicious side dish. Use a grill basket or pan (with holes in the bottom to allow flames) or put on kebob sticks. You can't go wrong if you use veggies you like.

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                    Does anyone have a grilling basket they'd really recommend? All this talk of grilled veggies has convinced me! I'd love to find something that's more on the bargain side ; ).

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                      I just picked one up at BJ's, $6.99 - haven't used it but looking forward to. Shrimp and scallops (and vegies) will christen it this weekend.

                2. Beer can chicken. It's easy and a winner!

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                    We love beer can chicken at our house. It sounds tacky, but it's always moist and delicious. The skin comes out kind of pale and rubbery, but the meat is so moist, you won't miss eating the skin.

                    We use a special "beer can" chicken tray (I think we bought it from weber's website) and, therefore no longer use an actual can. Sometimes, in winter when it's too dark and cold to grill, we make beer can chicken in the oven. We usually rub olive oil all over the outside of the chicken and tuck oil and spices under the skin, too.

                    I bought a book on beer can chicken by Steven Raichlen that has some fabulous sounding recipes in it, including some recipes for beer can turkey (using a Fosters can) and beer can cornish hens (using a small pineapple juice can). One of these days I'll try those...

                    Also, we've been grilling fennel lately...we marinate it in a teriaki like sauce first. We eat it like candy, it's so delicious.

                    I just (accidentally--long story) bought Bobby Flay's cookbook "Grilling for Life". It's not his latest cookbook, but an older one that focuses on healthier recipes. Some of them sound really delicious--I can't wait to try those now that grilling season is upon us.


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                      pale and rubbery skin. what temp are you cooking the chicken at? 375?

                  2. I've had great success with a River Cafe recipe for spatchcocked chicken. It's very simple and involves stuffing herbs and garlic under the skin. Can't remember the exact recipe offhand but it's spectacularly good.

                    1. Totally agree, grilled veggies is the way to go! Rub down in olive oil & sprinkle with salt & pepper - try these:
                      Asparagus (don't worry a few might fall through, just put them on sideways & rotate - at most 8 minutes or so)
                      Onion - slice thick - add rub above - flip after 5 minutes on each side
                      Portabello mushrooms - use vinegar in the rub
                      Another great idea:
                      Rosemary skewers- take long sticks of rosemary & keep the tips with the herb, stick on meats or shrimp! -Fantastic!!

                      Also check out my recent recipe addition grilled piadine - an italian flat bread - super good & simple!


                      Grill the summer away.....

                      1. Just about anything is good on the grill. Let your imagination and your cupboard be your guide! A few marinades we like: soy sauce, honey, garlic, lemon and ginger for a teriyaki style marinade and glaze. We also like olive oil, garlic, thyme, lemon on chicken. And for steak tips, our fave is equal parts ketchup, italian dressing and coca cola. Sounds horrible, but is really good! Marinate the tips first, and use as a glaze as you are grilling the tips. Good luck

                        1. We've been christening our new weber grill and having a blast.

                          My latest thrill was a flank steak that I marinaded a few hours in ketchup, soy sauce adn sesame oil. Find low sodium soy becauce it ended up being a bit salty. 4-6 min. on each side, then IMPORTANT - slice thin against the grain, at an angle. Sooo tender and fantastic. I can't wait to try other marinades - next time lime juice, soy and oil. It was soooo nice and rare, perfect.

                          1. Other than a slow-roasted pork shoulder and of course ribs with ever-changing rubs, this recipe for Moroccan-spiced butterflied leg of lamb blows my mind:

                            Accompany it with a grilled vegetable panzanella.

                            1. Dry aged steak, kosher salt and pepper. Cook till rare/medium rare. Repeat.

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                              1. Our favorite things to grill are salmon, swordfish, sea bass, asparagus, onion, red peppers,
                                beer can chicken, kabobs, steaks, and burgers...

                                I'm sure there are endless spices and marinades you could use, but my personal preference for just about everything is olive oil, cracked pepper, and sea salt.

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                                  Stupid question: Can I put a delicate fish like sea bass directly on the grill? Any secrets to keep it from falling apart?

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                                    I think you can get a basket or a screen for cooking fish that would make it easier.

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                                      We put a little Pam directly on the grill, and we also either rub a little olive oil or Pam right on the fish before seasoning. This prevents sticking, and we've never had our sea bass fall apart either.

                                  2. How timely....we are expecting 2 couples for dinner tonight, and it's Mixed Grill night! Lambchops (great to grill!), Oktoberfest sausages, and also doing a filet of salmon. Yes I am expecting leftovers!!

                                    1. My mom gave me a recipe book last summer, a Betty Crocker one called "Grilling Made Easy." Tons of stuff in there.

                                      One of my favorite things to grill is Tandoori Chicken. Here's the marinade I use for that:

                                      1 c. plain yogurt
                                      2 cloves crushed garlic
                                      1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
                                      1 tsp. ground ginger
                                      1 tsp. cardamom
                                      1 tsp. coriander
                                      1 tsp. cumin
                                      Juice of 2 lemons

                                      Mix together and pour over chicken. Marinate for several hours, then bake or grill the chicken. Serve with rice, curried vegetables, and cucumber salad.

                                      This is supposed to be enough to do a whole chicken or 2-3 pounds of breast fillets.

                                      Spam kabobs are pretty nice. I've posted the recipe in other threads recently, so I'm sure you could search for it.

                                      1. My recommendation: baby bok choy.

                                        Wash the baby bok choy, and dry. (Approximately 2 "bunches" per person)
                                        Cut the bunches in half.
                                        Toss halves in a sauce until coated.
                                        Grill on medium heat, turning once.

                                        I used the sauce from this recipe:


                                        I made the "sauce" in a bowl, then poured most of the sauce over flank steak to marinade for the next night. I tossed added some vegetabel oil to the sauce, and tossed it over the bok choy. It was amazing. I will probably grill bok choy again on Monday.

                                        Grilled bok choy is my new favourite thing. I, too, just got a barbecue last week, and today is the first day since getting it that I will not use it.

                                        1. OMG we have had the Weber Genesis Silver for 4 years now and still love it! My favorite items to grill are fresh veggies(peppers, onions, zucchini, mushrooms) sliced and marinated in Italian Salad Dressing and then grill to perfection.Also grill slices of pineapple for a sweet ending to any meal. And potato and sweet onion packets. You use a sheet of tin foil..slice your potatoes and onions, add butter, salt, pepper and a little olive oil. Seal the packet and grill for about 10-15 mins. YUM! Suggestion...read your manual that comes with it to learn how to use indirect heat to cook stuff that flares up. You will love it. Oh...and pizzas are great on the grill! Try it.

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                                            Artichokes! Steam, split in half when cool, remove the fuzzy choke. Then marinate in vinagrette, Italian dressing, whatever you like until ready to grill - I usually steam and marinate the day before and leave in the fridge. Grill until just warmed through, mostly on flat (non leafy) side. Also, asparagus brushed with a little olive oil - easy to manage if you soak some skinny bamboo skewers and thread them through 6 or 8 asparagus, one near the tops and another midway down.

                                          2. No one's mentioned garlic, but prepare heads of garlic as you would to oven-roast them (a drizzle of oil, tops chopped off, and I wrap it in foil). You'll have roasted garlic to smear on bread, over pasta, whatever, either during or after your grill session.

                                            I love carrots on the grill, too. I like blackening them. Is that weird? They become sweet, tender and blistered.

                                            Also, QUESADILLAS. Flour tortillas (find ones without a ton of extra ingredients) and a mild white Mexican cheese. Direct on the grill. Sometimes, I tuck some refried beans inside of them. Serve with salsa. Easy, delicious.

                                            1. I'm firmly in the grilled veggie camp. We soak a bamboo skewer in water then run them through 3/4" slices of sweet onion. Brush with olive oil and dust with kosher salt and pepper. Skewers keep the onion from falling apart when the rings are cooking.
                                              Another favorite is Olathe sweet corn. Carefully strip back the outside husk of the corn and clean out the corn silk. Fold the husk back over the corn. Soak prepared ears of corn in cold water while the grill is heating. Cook the corn turning frequently until the outside husk is charred. Serve with salt, pepper and a seasoned butter, such as sun-dried tomato butter or chipotle butter.
                                              Portobello mushrooms. Clean and brush the outside with olive oil. Grill the "gill side" lightly first. Turn and spoon on some boursin cheese. Grill until the cheese melts. Slice and serve on top of a grilled veggie panzanella salad.

                                              1. I love fish of all kinds on my grill. I soak a cedar plank in water and just aly my fish on that on cook till tender. Another favorite is peaches, mangoes, pineapple & nectarines. Slice in half, cook with melted butter & brown sugar and put on grill till the tenderness you like. They just get sweeter the longer they cook. Then just at the last, I make a rum & brown sugar sauce and stick them in just before I plate it up. Good with homemade ice cream too.

                                                1. You can grill almost anything with the following marinade: minced scallions or shallots, minced garlic, minced rosemary, olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper. I use this for beef, pork, chicken, vegetables. For fish I usually skip the rosemary. Sometimes I add lemon juice to the marinade for the fish and chicken. Of course, you can add other herbs too, like oregano or chives or marjoram. I love it because I always have these ingredients in the house and garden. Another option is to buy a whole cleaned fish from the market, stuff with fresh herbs, rub with oil, sprinkle inside and out with sea salt and throw on the grill. Fab and easy.