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May 15, 2008 02:57 PM

Orchard Inn-Towson, Md

Does anyone know if the Orchard Inn Restaurant, which closed several years ago, has a replacement restaurant at the location? Foigras

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  1. Hubby and I ate at whatever was the replacement about 3.5 years ago. Not sure if that incarnation is still there, but I think it is.

    1. Pretty sure it's a crab house now.

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      1. re: hon

        It's called Orchard Landing now. I haven't been but I know several people who have and liked it. It's a lounge/crabhouse and is pretty reasonable.

      2. Don't confuse the Orchard Inn with Orchard Market (the Persian Restaurant) - they are both on Joppa Road, but are quite different. I know some people who had a graduation party at Orchard Inn (Landing) over the summer. It seemed nice - sort of middle of the road. I understand that Michael Gettier was once the Chef there before he was as well known around Maryland as he is now (he's currently the head Chef at Antrim 1844).

        Orchard Market is well known in these parts for their good food. Orchard Inn is not - and I don't mean that as an insult. It's not that I think the food is bad, it's just that they lack the write ups, reviews and praise.

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        1. re: Whitemarshjohn

          The "old" Orchard Inn was around for ages as an old-fashioned Baltimore restaurant (even though it wasn't actually in Baltimore). It was the kind of place I'd go with my parents when they were visiting from out of town, similar places being Thompson's Sea Girt House, Karson's Inn, etc. (all of those are gone now).

          When the original Orchard Inn closed up, Michael Gettier took it over for awhile (before that he had a restaurant in Fells Point named M. Gettier). He didn't stay there all that long, and I lost track of what happened to the place after that.

          I'm pretty sure Gettier worked at other restaurants before his Fells Point place, but my aging memory can't seem to find the details at the moment.

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Hal--thanks for your reply. I also remember the "old" Orchard Inn, Karson's, Thompson's Sea Girt House. Let's not forget (if you also recall) Brentwood Inn (east Baltimore) with the "mixologist" who poured a drink into your glass while you were drinking. What about Danny's and Chesapeake? Great Baltimore favorites. Oh, and we can't leave out Marconi's, Haussner's and Miller Brothers. No trendy places, but great food and elegant atmospheres.

            I guess I'm giving away my age group by dining down memory lane--yipes!

            I, too, enjoyed Gettier's restaurant on Broadway and actually dined at the Orchard Inn when he was the chef. I, also, believe he had worked at Peerce's Plantation (another favorite now gone away) for a short while. Wonder where he is presently? Perhaps someone will enlighten us.


            1. re: FoiGras

              Isn't Michael Gettier chef at Antrim in Taneytown?

              In any case I ate at the Orchard Inn for the first time a few weeks ago and had their rib special (maybe Tuesday or Wed night?) It was decent (enough for two and at around $15) and a good value.

            2. re: Hal Laurent

              Hal. I think Gettier was downtown first; he took that place over from a Frenchman who had started, improbably enough in the old Howard Hotel--had the best roast chicken ever and the moved to Broadway.

              Foi Gras. I really miss Haussners and Marconi's, but Miller Bros was before my time--impossible as that seems. I hated Danny's. Only ate there at the end twice and found it incredibly pretentious (including the sommelier who was some relative of Luis Aparicio, the Oriole ss). And the food was way over-rated.

            3. re: Whitemarshjohn

              Actually, he was the owner/chef there after he became well-known here as the owner/chef of M. Gettier's in Fells Point. At the Orchard, he did a single seating prix fixe menu, something Baltimore wasn't ready for.

            4. As a young kid I used to sit in the kitchen at Thompsons Sea Girt House and watch Mr. Thompson make crab cakes !! He would meticulously pick thru the meat and remove every piece of shell ...and THATS why to this day , those were the best Ive ever tasted .

              1. The Orchard Inn is now a Mo's Seafood location