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May 15, 2008 02:36 PM

Frisco Shop on Burnet

I was driving past Frisco, at Burnet and Koenig, this morning and saw a fence had been put up around it and surronding buildings . Looks like demolition is on the menu. When did they go out of business? They had great burgers at one time and chicken fry. Guess the land became too valuable?

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  1. I read that they are turning that space into a Walgreens and that the Frisco Shop is moving to the location further north on Burnet that used to be Curras.

    1. I believe they will be moving to a new location

      1. There have been at least two major stories in the Statesman about the moving of the Frisco Shop, one of them profiling a married couple in their 90's, in the last three months. This has been going on for a while.

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          To wit:

          "The Frisco Shop closed the doors at 5819 Burnet Road for the last time Saturday. The last surviving member of the storied Night Hawk chain of diners will be demolished and replaced with a Walgreens drugstore soon.

          Fortunately for the staff and its regular customers, many of whom have dined on its burgers, "top chop't steaks," onion rings and famous pies for decades, the Frisco Shop is moving a little farther up Burnet Road to a newer, bigger location in June."