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May 15, 2008 02:24 PM

Just one dinner

Hi, will be in TO in june on our way from Montreal to Niagara and will stay one night in your lovely city most likely downtown (ie Front St. or nearby). Was thinking of going to Jamie Kennedy wine bar but then I read the brunch menu and it seems appealing as we'll be over on a sat. night and a sund. morning. We enjoy pretty much anything and money's not really an issue as long as the dinner doesn't cost $300. The only restriction is that the GF is allergic to both fish and seafood so we'd have to steer clear of places that put emphasis on those.

Any idea of places we could eat at. Mostly casual but with solid food and the mains say between $20 and $30 but I'm flexible. I'd appreciate if it were downtown ore close to either by subway or with a cab as I'll leave the car parked in order to indulge with a few glasses of wine. A decent wine list would also be appreciated.

We prefer solid tasty food over things that are really too fancy. For instance, and if it helps, we loved Babbo and Lupa in NYC, we love Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal. The place need not to be stuffy.

Thanks a whole lot in advance

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  1. Dinner at Terroni on Adelaide East.....Brunch at Brassaii or Le Select....may need rez ...Miranda

    1. I would steer you to Jamie Kennedy for dinner and brunch at Le select or Brassaii (as Miranda suggested). JK is a solid dining experience with a great atmosphere and no attitude. I have rarely beed disappointed there.

      I personally dislike Terroni. Also, they do not take reservations, so getting a table may take a while. I was there recently on a Monday or Tuesday night and the place was full by 6.30. I was there with a group of friends - 3 of them ordered various pizzas and all three thought the ingredients were very skimpy (I agreed), I ordered the charcuterie and cheese platter - the meat was largely flavourless -- there was no discernable spicing to the salamis,etc. And, I don't like my meals with a side of attitude form the staff. But, that was my experience

      1. Try Rosebud, on the south side of Queen St., just west of Bathurst. It's small, cozy, romantic, and unpretentious. Their food is high-end comfort food. Think Au Pied de Cochon, but less extravagant, and with less foie gras. Of course, the atmosphere is nothing like Au Pied de Cochon's, but where is?

        669 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E6, CA

        1. I had the best prosciutto of my life at Lupa - if you like Lupa, then I think you would really like JKWB. Another new favourite of mine is Torito, a tapas restaurant in Kensington Market. You could stroll around Kensington Market during the afternoon and end up at Torito for an early dins. If it's warm out, sit on their back patio or otherwise, enjoy one of the communal tables in the main room. Lovely Chilean owners, warm service, lots of non-seafood options, casual, fun. Enjoy!

          1. Agreed that the prosciutto at Lupa is out if this world. Back on topic, we'll probably go to JKWB for dinner and Brassaii for brunch. Thanks everyone for your kind help.