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May 15, 2008 02:16 PM

Greensboro, NC-Dinner

I visit the area often and love great food with a great wine list-any ieas?

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  1. Hi Bubblegirl,
    I used to live in greensboro fo 10 years but now I live in NJ. The restaurants I love to go to when I visit NC include the following...
    Rearn Thai- first thai place I hve ever tried and the best ever, and I have tried alot in the US. They are very authentic and not dumbed down for the american palate. they brought alot of people to their cuisine, not catering to the locals and have quite a following. If you like hot and spicey food, ask for the spice tray. It has chilli peppers in different forms to put on your food. Crispy fish(flounder not snapper) is excellent and i don't even like fish. Pad thai is great and I also love the ginger chicken. The steamed dumpling appetizer, and the satay are good appetizers. I'm sorry I don't know much about their wine list but the food is excellent.Located on market street between Spring garden st. and Meadowwood or meadowview, i forget which.

    Lucky 32- has great wines and part of the menu changes every 6 weeks based on a theme such as southern crescent, southwest, etc. I love to go here with friends. It is located on Westover terrace near wendover avenue.

    Alot of people love Liberty oak restaurant in downtown. I would say it is an american bistro. I have been 2 times and I don't care for it much but give it a try , you might like it. it is very popular.

    Google all these menus and see if you like them. The thai place is my favorite though.
    Good luck

    1. Undercurrent
      223 South Elm
      Bert's Seafood
      Southern Lights
      Bistro Sofia
      Liberty Oak
      Cook Out
      Yum Yum

      I've lived in GSO 60 years. These are my favorites.

      1. Saigon on High Point Road- Vietnamese food.
        There is also a chain, biscuitville, I love to get a scrambled egg biscuit with hot sauce and a sweet tea. YUM.

        1. 1618 should be on anyone's "A" list for good food and good wine. Also, Revival Grill and Green Valley Grill. Pastabilities is good too with a nice wine selection.

          1. Revival Grill has closed. Also, be aware that many of the suggested restaurants don't serve wine. Another restuarant to consider is Bianca's, a hidden gem on Spring Garden Street.

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              I second yum yum's cook out and stamey's. They don't serve wine but they are great. Cook out has the best burgers with chili slaw onions an mustard. Wonderful! On returning to NC, I love me some stamey's bbq. I love their hushpuppies as well.
              You have some great choices here so good luck

              1. re: carolinadawg

                when did they close?

                lets face it, these are tough economic times and and there will probably be more fallout in the coming months for stand alone restaraunts, especially the higher priced ones.