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May 15, 2008 01:54 PM

Kensington in Aug

We will be staying in Kensington in early Aug. We've been to London on a tour so we didn't get to walk around and do things on our own, This time we'll be on our own and are looking for cheap and good (oxymoron) food in the area. We're staying near the Earls Court Road Tube station. Our hotel has a fridge and microwave so we aren't above buying prepared food and heating it in the micro. Willing to try "almost" anything but would like to try some of the breads, cheeses and Indian food. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If there is another thread on the same subject I'll check it out.

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  1. Check out the thread on the Filipino restaurant, which is just across the street from the tube station. The entire block around the place seemed filled with interesting looking eateries.

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      Here's the link to the Filipino restaurant thread:

      Also, a couple of neat little dishes at Mai, the Japanese place across from the Fillipino restaurant, both on Kenway Rd. Kushiage (fried skewers) of shiso ebi/prawns with perilla was good, as was the sake harasu/broiled salmon belly. The eef dishes looked good, but I did have the chance to time. A fuller report when I get the chance.

    2. This Thai place is great value. Only 300 yards from Earls Court tube.

      1. The Whole Foods store on Kensington High Street has lots of things you can take home for a dinner or lunch... nice salad bar, too. Right there is also a Marks & Spencer, and their carry-out dinners are of all varieties from Chinese to Indian and beyond.

        1. addies thai is just up the road from earls court+ is meant to be v v good

          1. For upmarket Indian food in that area, you could consider The Painted Heron on Cheyne Walk.

            I haven't eaten at Addie's Thai yet but it has a good reputation.