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Buffalo Wing: Anchor Bar, Duff's or else?

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My family will visit Niagara Falls tomorrow and want to try original buffalo wings. There are different opinions on which one are the best. What you guys think? For me, I do care on the taste of chicken with or without sauce, first. Then, sauce need to be harmonized with the wings (not like "swimming in the sauce" style).

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  1. What will it be - the "Original" or the best? If you want the original - it's the Anchor Bar but they aren't the best. Anchor Bar is a tourist trap. IMHO, Duff's is a college hangout that has mediocre wings. They are barely a small step up from Anchor Bar.
    I happen to like BarBill (in East Aurora).
    I've not been but have heard good things about Elmo's and Gabriel's Gate.

    1. I agree, Anchor Bar is THE original, but it isn't THE best. It's alright, I've had their wings and I like that they've got a crispy texture to them. I'm used to Buffalo Wild Wings (down on Niagara Falls Blvd) because they've got that Tuesday night special. Its interesting because they've got a gazillion flavors including Asian Zing, Garlic Parmesan and my favorite, Mango Habanero. Cool place to just relax, there's always something on TV and games to play. And I don't like Duff's at all.

      1. Buffalo Wild Wings is a national chain, with homogenized wings to appeal broadly. The wings themselves aren't bad, the preparation is OK, but their absolutely hottest sauce wouldn't qualify as Medium at Duffs.

        Elmo's is a good bet. Large, meaty wings, crispy, not swimming in sauce.

        1. being a buffalo ckicken wing nut...i had my first in 1981...you have to do anchor bar once

          1. I personally hate the anchor bar, it has changed recipes over and over again. Its a tourist trap and is so cliche. My favorite BUFFALO wings are Duffs, Elmos, Gabriels Gate or Amherst Ale House. But if you want to experiment with non-original style sauce then i totally recommend going to Bar Bill in East Eurora, or Elmos in Amherst by UB. But i believe if you want the best Buffalo Style wing then hit up Duffs, otherwise the other places i listed have many great sauces and cook there wings really well.

            1. While it's "in" to knock Anchor Bar, I'm tired of that particular bandwagon, especially from somone who says a chain is better... NOT!

              The truth is that Anchor Bar's wings are the ideal rendition of what most people across the country, and up here in Canada, consider a perfect Buffalo Wing - crispy, buttery, hot-sauce heaven!

              I find Duffs to be rubbery/soggy once the sauce hits them, and I find the sauce oddly bitter and tomato-pulpy - and there are lots of other great places like Bar Bill and Elmos that do non-traditional wings great, but for the real-deal buffalo wing experience, you just can't beat Anchor Bar.

              PLUS, if you haven't experienced Buffalo-style pizza, Anchor bar is also a great place to get an intro to Buffalo's saucy-cheezy, rich, delicious style of Pizza (I like it better than NY or Chicago style, personally) - Get a pepperoni pizza with your wings and ask for it well done for even better flavour!
              You can thank me later :-)

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                I agree with TorontoTips on all points well said.

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                  I like the Anchor Bar buffalo wings best too, TT and don't like Duff's. I tried BarBill's last week and was very disappointed. They were really overcooked, hard and dry inside, and the seasoning was just OK. Very disappointing given what I had read here and heard.

                2. Went to Duff's during the Empire State Games this summer. The Wings are mediocre at best. Also stay away from the Beef on Weck thick sliced and tastless.

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                    Went to Anchor bar last Thurs. I've from NC so I'm not a wing expert but i thought the hot wings there were very good.

                  2. While Anchor Bar may not have the "best" wings in the opinion of most B'Lo locals the wings are still great. I.M.H.O. the overall dining experience is exceptional and far above Duff's. Live music too!! FYI: I ordered the hottest wings once and that was a huge mistake. I suffered thru them with sweat on my brow all thru dinner.

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                      Best wings? What are you guys doing -- trying to start a civil war? The only topic that MIGHT be more dangerous on these boards is "best pizza" or "best barbecue". All good notes above, but I'm keeping my head low on this one, other to say that I've been to both Anchor and Duff's and I enjoyed my meal at both places. Now about my choice for best barbecue in the U.S....

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                        Best BBQ?? Not North of the Mason Dixon line!!

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                          ......or central Texas for that matter. My ex is from Rochester and we used to go there in the late 70's and 80's. She used to rave about Buffalo wings, and I assumed you get get them in Rochester, but she said nay, so we went to the Anchor Bar. They were wopnderful, plus she also introduced this naive Texan to another unheard of delicacy, Italian sausage. We would bring a suitcase full home on the plane. At about the same time a Houston restaurant was making famous a south Texas staple, fajitas. To all you young whippersnappers out there, there was a time when you could not get bad versions, and some good, of Buffalo wings and fajitas in every city in the US. Please don't get me started on the oxymoron chicken, shrimp, and veggie fajitas.

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                            Went to the Millenium Hotel in Cheektowaga for wings based on a chow rec, crispy yes! But soaked in margarine and Frank's hot sauce awww. Edible but not terrrific. Gotta stick with Anchor Bar. Duff's I liked but not as much as Anchor better blue cheese dip at Duff's. I will try Bar Bill next time I go to Orchard Park I'm a curious chowhound.

                    2. Had the chance to check out Elmo's over the weekend and the wings were delicious. Perfectly crispy and perfectly dressed. Ordered the medium and the BBQ wings. The medium were by far the best I've had IMO. Will definitely go again.