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May 15, 2008 01:22 PM

Going to Mohegan Sun, need restaurant recommendation

Hi everyone,
My friends and I are planning a trip to Mohegan Sun for a bachelorette party in August. Does anyone have any recommendations for a restaurant? I see there are several to chose from, but I've never been there before. We're looking for a place that has great food, not "pubby", but not extraordinarily expensive.
If anyone has a recommendation I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. mohegan is rough I feel.I actually go there about 8-12 times a year and often for more than one night, so I have sampled what that place has to offer.

    I actually really like the MJ steak house.

    That is where I tend to go. it is $$$$ , they have a bar that is less $$$ next door to it.

    I am not a huge fan of the Todd English place. I LOVE the waterfall thing, but overall..."eh" feeling when I have ate there. to be honest after 3 attempts and still feeling just kinda "eh" I stick to MJ

    I have been the the "fine dinning" Chinese place, and although some of the items are cool and actually authentic, I would not call it fine dinning. I find that it really caters to the Asian tourist and people who come for a day or night. I have found it to be good, just wouldn't call it "fine dinning". The snails are YUM!

    I think summer shack might be your best option. fun, food, casual, not to $$$. but I dont know if that is what you are going for. it may be too casual

    I like the cove, but I have always found it to feel like a really cool sizzler. alot of bars, salad bars, fish bar, noodle bar

    I have not been to Birches yet, it is the newest place. I have heard from people that it is good American comfort food. I do plan to try it next time I am there. because I have not been I can not really advise on it, but I think that may be a really good option. from what I am told it does not look casual. and is one of the more modern in decor'

    the Luckys there is not the same food as the one here, pizza and salads I think . but fun for drinks and the row sham bow contest! ultra 88 is the club and there is an "irish pub" as well.

    report back.

    overall, in my experience, if you get there and scope out a place, it will not be hard to get a reservation, even for a large group. just book it a few hours ahead of time.

    1. I believe Craft is opening a new location at Mohegan Sun by the end of this month. It's Tom Colicchio's place. I don't think it meets the "not extraordinarily expensive" requirement though.

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        I am pretty sure Craft is going into the New MGM Grand at Foxwoods

      2. Do not go to Todd English's place. Overpriced, overrated food. A total waste of money.

        1. For what it's worth, I've been to Big Bubba's BBQ ...don't ask, it was not my choice, and JW's Summer Shack. Of the two, I'd go back to Summer Shack. Just order wisely.

          1. Jasper White's Summer Shack is the best restaurant there.
            Their take on Calamari is great - Fall River Portuguese style.
            Belly clams - no where better unless you go further up in New England.
            Chowder is famous. Oh heck, one of the dairy companies even has Jasper's recipe on their cream container.
            It's really good. No doubt best place up there.