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May 15, 2008 01:20 PM

Pairings for tonights light dinner

Tonight my father, family and I are just having an assortment of cheeses and meats for dinner with some breads. I was wondering what I could bring that could be ok with the entire meal. I have often heard Prosecco is good with antipasto plates like this. So would bringing a prosecco be good, or is there a, preferably red, wine that would go well with our assortment. I know that nothing will go with all of our wide assortment but I am looking for something to cover most if not just make the meal a little nicer.

Our assortment includes :

Grana Padano
Mozarella di buffola

Prosciutto crudo
salami calabrese
salami cacciatore

any help is appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Barbera, Barbera, Barbera...

    Did I mention Barbera?

    Yes, a sparkler would also work, too... ;-)

    1. Barbera isn't a bad choice, especially nice with the meats.

      As for great wines with your cheese list: Cabernet matches the G.P. and Provolone (assuming that's val padana) splendidly. Zinfandel is also a first rate match with these cheeses. Syrah is nice with both also a good connection to gorgonzola I've found tempranillo to be particularly nice with gorgonzola also, good also with Pecorino.

      Haven't done intensive cheese and wine matching with ricotta or mozarella... I'd take a wild guess and think chardonnay might be fairly good but just a guess...

      As for matching the meats, barbera should be nice.... also a great place for beaujolais. cabernet also good with these meats and riesling in whites. For a bubbly with spicy cured meats I like moscato d'asti.

      The common denominators? I'd probably do: Cabernet for sure ... beyond that it's kind of take your pick. If you want to add a white do riesling, a bubbly I'd do moscato, another red, probably barbera or zinfandel.

      If you do riesling to bring in some variety, add a couple very riesling-friendly cheeses: emmental is brilliant with riesling and aged gouda strikes a nice interesting match. the gouda also matches your likely choices in reds fairly well.... enjoy.