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May 15, 2008 12:54 PM

Cocktail "flight" at Bourbon & Branch?

Hola everyone- my husband and I are starting our 11th anniversary evening this Saturday at Bourbon and Branch (before going to dinner at La Folie, whee!). I love the cocktails there and usually order about two or three different ones for an evening.

So cocktail-o-philes, what would be your ideal "flight" of say, three cocktails for a nice evening out? (We're having cocktails early-ish and having dinner much later in the evening, so indulging shouldn't hurt dinner plans.)

Many thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. Mine would be the - Old Fashioned, Black Manhattan, Sazerac

    1. Please be careful!! Two drinks at Bourbon and Branch are more than enough. I can't imagine three!

      The Black Manhattan is amazing. Other favorites include the Revolver and I tried a new one called a "Parlay" last night that was really good.

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        I'll second Problem Child's Black Manhattan and also second norjah's call for 2 drinks. They'll serve an amuse as well, so you'll have three distinct tastes anyway.

      2. Thanks! Hubby and I ended up having two of the champagne cocktails each- the French 75, the Elderflower, the Cucumber Gimlet and one other I can't remember, plus the amuses, which, you are correct, was just enough.