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May 15, 2008 12:43 PM

Berkeley Lunch

I'll be visiting Berkeley for an upcoming graduation. I'd appreciate any suggestions on where I can take the graduate to lunch on her special day. We would need someplace within walking distance.

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  1. There are lots of places near campus, but most are pretty casual. Did you want this to be a more formal, fancy meal or something more relaxed?

    1. Adagia is the only really nice place in the immediate area.

      1. Will it be just the two of you? Graduation time can be intense for nice restaurants. I'd call to try to make a reservation.

        Here are some ideas:
        Adagia (very close, at the southeast corner of campus)
        Chez Panisse (a mile northwest of campus)
        Bistro Liasion (two blocks northwest of campus)
        Cesar (a mile northwest of campus)

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          Cesar for a later-afternoon lunch is wonderful. I try to go there about 2pm and it's so relaxed and friendly. The food is always great, and you can get wine and cocktails. If it's at all nice, sit by the open windows in the front.

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            UCB's main commencement ceremony at the Greek Theater is on Sunday, when Chez Panisse is closed. There are some departmental and other ceremonies in other locations on other days.

          2. Nice place, walking distance at this late date? Good luck with reservations. I think you should widen your search more and consider driving. Berkeley is always jammed at commencement.

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              I checked opentable before recommending Adagia. They still have tables available at all times.

            2. It is a special mid-week graduation, I appreciate all the tips, I was able to secure a reservation at Chez Panisse. Thanks for all of your help.

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              1. re: LAFeminist

                That will be perfect! Chez Panisse will be a special place to share lunch. In general, the individual department graduations are much more fun and personal than the school-wide one.