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May 15, 2008 12:40 PM

Seneca Casino Buffet...really good?

My famiily will visit Niagara Falls (US side) tomorrow and stay at Crowne Plaza hotel.

I heard that their buffet is better than those of Canadian side. Is it true? Which meal (lunch or dinner) would be better (compared to price/quality ratio)? The only discount I found was $2 off (from player's card). Is there any coupons or discounts I can find?

Since there's no much time left, I hope I can get your advices soon.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Their buffett is far better than Casino Niagara I am sorry to say. It starts off with mounds and mounds of crab legs and goes on from there. It has a lot of variety and it is also good quality. The main difference between lunch and dinner is that they serve Prime Rib after 4;00, and the price difference is $2.00. I think lunch is $16:00 , and dinner is 18.00, so it is very affordable. The only discount is with a players card so be sure to get one as you enter the casino. They also have a phenomenal steak house, The Western Door, which is more expensive,but well worth it. Everything is a la carte,but the side dishes are so large they should be shared, including the 20oz. baked potato. If there is anyone under 21 going on the trip, they can still join you because you don't have to enter the actual casino to get to the restaurant. Have fun!!

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      Also if you are playing at the slots or tables the discounts add up on your card. Last time I was there I paid for 3 dinners on two days of play at a table.