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May 15, 2008 12:36 PM

Cooking classes in Kauai

Does anyone know of a cooking class in Kauai that would teach traditional Hawaiian cooking?

We will be there in a few weeks and are interested in taking a class...I searched the internet and there is the Indian cooking....but we are looking for Hawaiian cooking...please help would love to give as a gift.

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  1. I cannot think of anything that might be of interest to you. The Kauai Museum offers cooking classes, but generally the classes are not Hawaiian food; for example, this week was a cook who demonstrated the techniques of raw food? I can't remember- but clearly not what you are looking for. If you go to the post office, each week they deliver a newsletter called Kauai Weekly (I think...but it is delivered in all PO Boxes and to all mail boxes). The newsletter describes almost every event taking place on the island each week, and you might find something to fit your needs there.

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      Thank you for the info....I am thinking maybe to get a private chef for an evening and having a hands on may be the way to go.

      Does the Kauai museum have weekly cooking classes?

      anyone with recommendations for a chef would be greatly appreciated.