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May 15, 2008 12:19 PM

Sandwich Suggestions - Sacramento

Hi... I eat out everyday for lunch and am looking for some new places. I work near the El Camino/Watt area but I'm in the field a lot, so suggestions for Midtown and South Sac. would also be appreciated. I love sandwiches and can't currently find any that replace my all-time favorites.
For Turkey Sandwiches, I like real turkey, not the processed, rolled stuff. I like the sandwiches at Eggies, Cornerstone and Boudin but wonder if there are any other places that make fresh turkey sandwiches??
For Roast Beef, the best sandwich I've ever had (in Sac.) was at a deli that's no longer in business. It used to be at 19th & L, but was replaced by City Treasure, which was replaced by the Creperie. Any suggestions would be nice. I like them cold or hot, as long as mayo and cheese are involved(& preferably sourdough or white bread).
For Tuna, my ultimate fave. was at Deli Delight (on J St. and 24th?) but they closed down a few years ago and I can't find one that even comes close! I like my tuna not too wet and not filled w/a bunch of extras (Fast Tans & Deli's put water chestnuts and raisins in their tuna salad - beyond yuck!) Mayo, pepper and quality tuna and I'm happy... Their sandwich was prepared differently than most deli's -- they put on tuna, then the cheese, then another layer of tuna and then the veggies. Something about that.......
And I'm looking for good seafood sandwiches. Back in the mid-90's, Lyons used to serve the most wonderful shrimp salad sandwich. It had large, plump shrimp in a mayo-like, dill sauce and then the salad was topped w/mont. jack cheese, avocado, lettuce and put on a croissant. It was heaven and I've never seen anything like it since in this area. I really, really miss it! As for hot crab sandwiches, I really like the one at 33rd Street bistro, but for hot sandwiches, need a place a little closer to work, so the sandwich doesn't get cold or soggy. (they used to have a deli outlet at Arden Fair; boy, do I miss that they closed it!!) The best, cold crab sandwiches I've ever had are the ones on the wharf in S.F. I've never seen anything similar here.
So, if my fellow chowhounds, can help me find some new favorites, I'd be forever greatful!

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  1. Two great places in downtown Sacramento: La Bonne Soup Cafe at 920 8th Street if you are not in a hurry. Delicious sandwiches made with care. I had a delicious salmon sandwich there. The owner makes one sandwich at a time and when I ordered my salmon sandwich, he took the salmon filet out of the refrigerator and poached it and then prepared the delciious sandwich. It is a tiny place with only maybe six tables and seating for no more than a dozen people.

    Another great place is The Sandwich Spt at 1630 18th Street. Very high quality meats and friendly service. Bigger than La Bonne and faster service. Seating indoors or on the patio.

    Let us know how you like them if you try either. Happy eating!

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      Definitely second La Bonne Soup Cafe. It's a Yelp sensation. If you open a dictionary to the definition of slow food, you'd see a picture of this restaurant and Mr. Pont on it. But he is not open on weekends. Another possibility is Cafe Rolle near CSUS.

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        I just got the chance to try The Sandwich Spot (at 18th and Q) last week and was very impressed! Thank you for the rec.! I had the Turkey Club on Sourdough. The bread was perfect. And the place is in a great location... no problem w/parking and in a quiet resid. neighborhood. I really liked that it's in an actual house. I just wish it was closer to work, so I could enjoy eating on the porch and not take the food to go :)

      2. Right off of 50 at 59th Street, try Corti Brothers. I have had great sandwiches there. Also in that same area, Selland's has a pretty good carnitas sandwich.

        Downtown, I second La Bonne Soup Cafe.

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          When I was coming back from Galt from an appt. yesterday, i decided to take the long way back to the office and go to Corti Bros. It's been ages since I've there & wanted to try it since your recommendation. I ordered the Michelangelo sandwich (turkey, fontina cheese, radicchio, mayo and artichoke hearts on foccacia) and it was extremely disappointing. The bread was dry and tasteless and kept breaking w/the weight of the artichoke hearts (they were quartered, so were rather large bite-size for a sandwich). The rest of the sandwich was also very dry, making it very hard to eat. The service was indifferent, and the salad options in the deli were generic. Needless to say, it wasn't a very enjoyable experience. However, they did have a grilled chicken breast w/hummus sandwich that sounded interesting, so I might give them another try.

        2. Dad's on S street by Beers books, or the new place, Dad's Kitchen on Freeport by the bakery. I love their pastrami and they get their bread from Village Bakery in Davis.

          Also, for real turkey...Cafe Bernardo roasts real turkey breasts for their sandwiches..Capitol and 28th and the one on R st.

          1. I was just in Sacramento this week and had a great experience at Jersey Mike's in Roseville. It's a bit down the road from where you are working, but the owner took his sandwiches very seriously and the cheesesteak was the best I've had outside of Philly. I'll be back to try some of his other options soon, but if you're in the area it may be worth a stop. It's just off of Eureka in Roseville.

            1. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I only get 1/2 hr. for lunch and usually get food I can take back to the office. Most of these destinations are too far away, except for the Sandwich Spot. I'll try to keep that one in mind when I'm on Hwy 99 heading back into the office after a meeting in South. Sac. I usually don't take Hwy 50, but I'll try to keep Corti Bros. in mind, as well. Thanks again!

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                For a quick sandwich, I have found both Raley's and Nugget to produce very good sandwiches - especially Nugget. There are lots of good places with a wait, but Raley's is everywhere and usually fast.

                I work downtown, so I can walk to La Bonne, Spicy Pickle (my favorite), and Pennisi's. I have not tried Beach Hut Deli, but I have heard some good reviews.

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                  lilyalli, the Sandwich Spot will deliver for free if you get a minimum number of sandwiches-- I believe six was the minimum at one time. We did this last year and they brought out 25-30 sandwiches, each one labelled with the name and the sandwich type. They will fax you a menu if you call to ask. If you do order, they prefer for you to call in your delivery order by 10 or 10:30. It's a great option especially when it is raining out and you don't want to have to move your car.

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                    New Paris Cafe, Stockton Blvd and 65th. Cheap and good banh mi.

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                      Oops sorry, New Paris is closed.