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May 15, 2008 12:14 PM

Perigee or C5 or George for 10th?

Serious Foodies looking ro 10th anniversary dinner. Been to George once, love the atmosphere, love Ted Corrado at C5 but concerned about the institutional experience and wondering about the new chef at Perigee. Thoughts??

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  1. Not to complicate things further but....have you considered Scaramouche? I've been to George and enjoyed it but for special occasions I can't say enough about Scarmouche.

    1. Hmm, if it's a warm evening, I'd opt for the patio at George. Though I haven't been there in about 6 months, I have enjoyed several special occasion meals there and always loved the food. I had a very good dinner at C5 during the filmfest - I've since heard mixed reviews so I'm not sure if it's gone down or is at least inconsistent. I wouldn't call it "institutional" (yes, it's in a museum but the food is/was carefully crafted when I was there) if you do go there, though, definitely ask for a table by the window so you can enjoy the view. I've also enjoyed a couple of dinners at Perigee but I've not been there since Pat Riley left and since they redid the room so I don't feel I can properly comment on it today. No matter what - enjoy!

      1. Love Scaramouche and I totally agree with you, it is the special place in the city and the place we usually go to for special occasions. But we are just at the "pasta bar" (who orders pasta there? Best steak frites in city) so we thought we would branch out.

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          Not to mention their calamari and coconut cream pie. Oh oh I better stop thinking about it or I'll be wanting to drop in this evening to get my fix. Anyways, in that case I think I would pick George. BUT I should also add that our 2nd 'go to' spot for special occasions is hands down 'Mistura'. Either way, have a great time and congrats on the milestone. Let us know where you decide. Cheers