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May 15, 2008 11:49 AM

Le Petit Marché on Hoyt Street

Just noticed a sign in the window of the old Zoila place that a branch of Brooklyn Heights' Le Petit Marché is opening soon. It's a tiny space, so I imagine it will just be prepared foods. How's the original one over on Henry?

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  1. how strange. the location on henry is delicious, above average french bistro fare. the quarters there are a little tight already, maybe thats their shtick and theyre looking to make another teency packed in restaurant. i cant imagine what sort of prepared foods they'd do.

    where on hoyt is this spot?

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    1. re: vatl619

      That would be just off State, couple doors down from Victory Cafe. Not just tiny but I believe the For Rent ads have specified no kitchen work in the space so it would seem to have to be prepared foods. Interesting.

      1. re: JonL

        Yup - it's a no kitchen kind of place, which is why I suspect that they'll be bringing over prepared foods from the other location. They couldn't fit more than a couple of bar stools in. (I think it's 200 square feet with a matching size basement.) That said, this is a heavy foot traffic block, so hopefully someone can make it work. Zoila was nice enough, but it seemed pricey.

        1. re: lambretta76

          It appears to be open now - has anyone been?